Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome to Blogger!

Congratulations and thank you! :)

I Am Superloved is now on Blogger because I want to practice some serious writing. And serious writing doesn't mean decreased number of pictures! My Tumblr will soon be a photoblog but stories behind those photos will be here. And today, January 26, 2011, is the beginning of this new career. I said I wouldn't let January pass without posting an entry here because I really want to complete my blog archive. 

Again, thank you! 


I have started the year right too! On the eve of 2011, my family and I had our usual party "until the break of dawn." And though sleepless, I rushed going to Paolo's for a luncheon celebration with his family. On the second day of the year, I had my hair cut and colored just because I'm a "new year-new look fan." 

Fast forward to the first official work day of the year, Paolo sent me to TV5 Head Office aka Novaliches. It's his way of saying, "Wag ka tamaring pumasok sa trabaho." because "Ayaw mo nun, makikita mo ako?" Hehehe. But yes, he woke up early only to send me to work! Aaawww.

The first week of work was unforgettable too. I promised to save money so that I'd be able to travel more. And just when I started to remind myself of that promise, I did book and buy a round trip ticket for me and Paolo to Iloilo (Guimaras) and another one to Singapore. Oh yes, I splurged but that's the sole reason why I want to save money diba? Dibaaaa? Hihi. :)

SECOND WEEK = godly! I just became a godmother to two little boys with gorgeous mommies! Baby boys Kobe and Oen are the noobs in my Christmas gift list! 

Kobe's Christening at St. Paul the Apostle Church.

With my fellow godparents--Paolo's high school friends.

With my fellow godmothers--Con, Princess, May and Cha.
A mandatory picture with Paolo.
And the party souvenir. That's me with Kobe's mom, Dianne and Paolo's BFF Allan and girlfriend Mutya.

Another baby, Oen. At EDSA Shrine.
Baby Oen's mom, Bibe.

And lastly, another mandatory pic with him.

I guess these two highlight my January! It's really a good start for me! :) I have other pictures I want to post but since it's already 5:36 here in my clock, I gotta get ready to go home. Bye!!