Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Get Nautical

Aside from going gaga over animal-printed stuff, I recently realized my love for anything nautical. But this nautical brainwave of mine wants to keep it subtle coz I don't want to look like Popeye! Haha. As long as there's stripes in navy blue and red with gold accents or anchors and gold buttons and ropes, it's good to go. 

Swimwear designed by Che of Nui Clothing. Wore this when I modeled for Us Girls. Ang payat ko pa dyan no?

 Che gave me a pair very similar to what I used for modeling. Wore this last summer in Subic. Can you see the difference? The first one has gold button details while this one has wooden rings. 

One of my many favorite tops. Bought this with my GBF Toto.

A Maldita dress (used as a top) Us Girls gave me. I've been using this for years!!! See, striped ones never go out of style! Plus hype on that red Hello Kitty flats!

On my recent trip to Guimaras, I fell in love with this high-waist shorts with a brown rope belt for free. The color, the button details and the belt make it so nautical!

My Topshop mini-dress (used as a top) worn with a navy blue vest with gold details.

Expect to see me in a lot of nautical-inspired looks this summer. It's like everyone here at work and at home yell at me whenever they see stuff with animal prints on it. Be it zebra, leopard or snake, they call me. Let's see if these darlings will also get my attention for this nautical attribute.

Btw, these are the things I found at Polyvore. I know where to buy local versions of these items--SM Department Store! ♥ Sponsors, anyone? :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shu Uemura Beauty Workshop

Shu Uemura recently held its exclusive beauty workshop with internationally-accredited Shu Uemura makeup artist John Pagaduan and model-turned-actress-turned-makeup artist Nancy Castiglione.

Being a Shu Uemura junkie, I also invited my friends and got our reservation right away due to limited number of slots. Special thanks to EJ and Hanna who accommodated me and my girls!

When John asked us what we want to learn, we all agreed to know everyday makeup. He initially taught us the importance of skin care featuring its cleansing oils. John asked me to model for him (of course I said yes); I didn't hesitate to give him my nod because I also use Shu Uemura cleansing oils so I know for a fact that my skin's in good hands. After clearing my face, he demonstrated the application of everyday makeup with "summery" feel with regards to Shu Uemura's Morphorium collection.

I'm not surprised to see my friend/kumare Cham there! L-R: Jovy, Cham, me and Phoebe.

Nancy Castiglione is an effective beauty ambassador! I really want to bag a bottle of Face Architect!

Glad I brought them with me! Phoebe, Cham, Kim, Susie, me and Jovy.

My best friend Phoebe doesn't look like she just gave birth. She's still the same Phoebe I know--sexy, beautiful and hot! Kim, as expected, strut her fashionable self. I like her royal blue flats!

My solo picture turned out to be a bloop, thanks to Jovy! Hahaha. Btw, I wore this cute tee with sequined animal-print sleeve from Tee Party, SM Department Store, black and white polka dot shorts from Topshop, yellow beaded necklace and a red pair of loafers from PabDer.

With Nancy Castiglione.

We received a box of Shu Uemura freebies: a red:juvenus set. Yaaaaay! Thanks, Shu Uemura! I'm looking forward to see John more often because I will soon enroll for a makeup workshop with Cham. I ♥ Shu Uemura

Photos by: Kim Gabriel

Monday, March 28, 2011

That Girl: Georgia Mallari

I met her when I was in grade school. She's famous for being a girl scout patrol leader/officer when I started scouting, she's a dancer (if you're a dancer during grade school YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! Ehem, ehem.), a student council officer, she's in the star section and an honor student.
She took up Psychology at Mapua Institute of Technology. Her Mom is friends with my Mom, her brother was my cousin's classmate and her youngest sister is a friend of mine as well. I used to spend my younger days at their house so she isn't really a new girl in my Facebook wall.

She is your girl across the street (coz she's not your typical girl-next-door). Or should I say the girl-next-the-beach? Haha! George goes to parties, drinks (and smokes?) and hits the beach regularly. This Geneva Cruz doppelganger also wants to get a tat and once asked me to accompany her. Unfortunately, we didn't push through with the plan which is so last September but I guess we can have it done this time since she's back from her recent Singapore trip/stay! :)

Her swimwears that spell attitude. Can you hand me down that green polka dot bikini?

She does camwhoring like everyone else and yes, she emotes well! Pretty!

She's got edited pictures too...

And she dresses well.


Looking For: Brown Longsleeves

Have you seen Maricar Reyes' Contractubex TVC? I instantly fell in love with her top the moment I saw it and until now, I'm on a search to find this perfect brown/khaki sheer/satin long sleeves.

That little long sleeves (rightmost) is perfect! Any suggestions? Online shops will do. Thanks, thanks!!! ☺

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's the Wild Thing

My fascination with everything animal-printed just got worse. Blame it on the fierce eye makeup I reblogged in Tumblr, which I also posted in my Wall Photos. 

Thank God for free Saturdays like this, I finally found time to practice my makeup skills. Fortunately, Kaye stayed at home this afternoon and instantly became my "model". 

I was supposed to do only the leopard eye makeup but I ended up doing a zebra eye makeup too. It was really fun. I enjoyed working this out with my doe-eyed cuzzo because she's so game! Kulang na lang gawin ko syang zombie, feeling ko papayag din sya. :p

I admit this isn't perfect but I am so damn proud of myself because I did it from scratch, with no practice or anything at all. 

For the leopard eye, I used MAC eye shadow in Amber Lights, Chrome Yellow and Goldenrod and MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque to fill the spots. For the zebra eye, I only used MAC eye shadow in White Frost. For all the black circles and lines, I used Nichido liquid eyeliner courtesy of the model.

Our makeup sesh became a photoshoot! Too bad we didn't have a good camera or a photographer with us so please bear with me. The photo, the model, the makeup artist and the photographer, are all amateurs! Even the post-processing. Hee!

Found the perfect background: our back gate! The rusty effect is the bomb!!! Will use it as a background more often soon.

The makeup blends in well with the plants. Plants vs Zombie? Lol. Look at the model's pretty face. Ehem, ehem.

Last but not the least, my favorite. This is the wild thing. And to make things wilder, I will regularly practice makeup skills. You know it, "Practice makes perfect." 


Friday, March 25, 2011

I am happy. I am a Kapatid. I am happy I am a Kapatid.

Title by Atty. Dan Albert De Padua, my boss.

It's my first year in TV5, my first year as a Kapatid, my first year as a part of the country's fastest growing network. I can still remember how I've gone through a series of interviews by 1.) an HR assistant, 2.) the HR Head and 3.) my immediate boss. I was hired a week after I submitted my CV. That was fast!

The TV5 logo that says, "Para Sa'yo Kapatid", my local version of Eiffel Tower aka our transmitter and our building (which is now red).

It's in TV5 where I met new good friends, down-to-earth bosses and "ordinary" celebrities. These people are my new family, regardless of our ranking, salary alignment and entitlement. 

Have you ever noticed how we ranked up from last year and top-billed weekend programs like Talentadong Pinoy and Laugh Out Loud? That there's no longer duopoly in Philippine free TV, but there are actually three top broadcasting companies today? After all, when you're asked a simple math equation like seven minus two, the difference is five. ☺

My circle of friends from different departments: 1.) Ate Virgie, Mama Rissa, Ms. Chiqui, Ate Badeth and Nanay Lisa 2.) Girlie and Kim 3.) Ian 4.) Trish 5.) Apryl 6.) Lui and 7.) Kuya Joey. 

The TV5 Executives, my bosses. Our bosses. People I look up to. Maybe someday I'll be like them. But what really makes me look up to them big time is that they're all down-to-earth! They're no monsters! Very approachable and all fatherly! ☺ 1.) Mr. Emmanuel Faraon, Head of IT Operations 2.) Mr. Perci Intalan, Head of Entertainment 3.) Engr. Dennis Carandang, Head of Network Engineering 4.) Mr. Benjie Fernandez, Chief Information & Technology Officer 5.) Atty. Dan De Padua, Head of Broadcast Operations 6.) Mr. Bobby Barreiro, Chief Operating Officer and last but not the least, 7.) Mr. Manny Pangilinan, Chairman of the Board aka owner of TV5.

In all honesty, despite the fact that I am a Mara Clara fan, I am really, really proud to be a Kapatid. Really, really, really proud! 

My red balloons say it all!