Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's the Wild Thing

My fascination with everything animal-printed just got worse. Blame it on the fierce eye makeup I reblogged in Tumblr, which I also posted in my Wall Photos. 

Thank God for free Saturdays like this, I finally found time to practice my makeup skills. Fortunately, Kaye stayed at home this afternoon and instantly became my "model". 

I was supposed to do only the leopard eye makeup but I ended up doing a zebra eye makeup too. It was really fun. I enjoyed working this out with my doe-eyed cuzzo because she's so game! Kulang na lang gawin ko syang zombie, feeling ko papayag din sya. :p

I admit this isn't perfect but I am so damn proud of myself because I did it from scratch, with no practice or anything at all. 

For the leopard eye, I used MAC eye shadow in Amber Lights, Chrome Yellow and Goldenrod and MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque to fill the spots. For the zebra eye, I only used MAC eye shadow in White Frost. For all the black circles and lines, I used Nichido liquid eyeliner courtesy of the model.

Our makeup sesh became a photoshoot! Too bad we didn't have a good camera or a photographer with us so please bear with me. The photo, the model, the makeup artist and the photographer, are all amateurs! Even the post-processing. Hee!

Found the perfect background: our back gate! The rusty effect is the bomb!!! Will use it as a background more often soon.

The makeup blends in well with the plants. Plants vs Zombie? Lol. Look at the model's pretty face. Ehem, ehem.

Last but not the least, my favorite. This is the wild thing. And to make things wilder, I will regularly practice makeup skills. You know it, "Practice makes perfect." 


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