Sunday, February 27, 2011

FOR SALE: MAC, Estee Lauder and Clinique Lipgloss and Eyeshadow

I'm helping a friend sell imported and original MAC, Estee Lauder and Clinique items in a very low price. Her Mom works for MAC in the US (HOW COOL AND LUCKY IS THAT?!) and if only I can buy all these, I will. But unfortunately, I already have the colors--I bought MAC lippies in TriNoma for regular price. Sayang. If only I knew she's going to sell some, I should have waited.

But anyways, I am helping her sell these because I know there are girls here like me who share the same sentiment. Who doesn't want these in a low price? :)

MAC's website is nothing but fabulous, it makes me want to hoard all these!!! But I just can't cos I'm so broke and I'm saving some moohlas for something I've been dreaming of. Check it out!

1. MAC Lipglass in Snowscene, Spirited and Be-In

MAC Lipglass - Spirited

These are the products for sale. 100% original. Some texts are linked to their websites, click them to see actual pictures/shades. For price inquiries, leave comment and include your email address. Thanks!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Hub at Marriott Hotel, and its Opera Slice too.

It's my nth time to be at the Marriott Hotel and I'm proud to say that in these n times, I always go there only to eat for free! :) 

Marriott Hotel Philippines opened on the last quarter of 2009 and is located at the country's newest entertainment capital, Resorts World Manila. Although I haven't experienced an overnight stay here yet (by the way, this is A hotel), I always feel like a VIP. Special thanks to its Marketing Communications Manager, Michelle Garcia. Ate Mitch, as I fondly call this hotel executive, is my sister's good friend since high school. CLICK HERE to read a Philippine Star article featuring her.

She invited me for a lunch some time last year at The Marriott Cafe. For me, it's Marriott's version of Sofitel's Spiral--world cuisines and buffet. It was my first time there and I promised her a blog entry about its food because I was TOTALLY IN LOVE with the cafe's Tres leches. The Marriott Cafe's Tres leches is beyond Upper East's because I once thought it was the best. I failed to update my Tumblog though. It's not only Tres leches that I'm raving about.. JAPANESE BUFFET IS TO DIE FOR AS WELL!

And when TV5 Manila held its 1st Creative Summit last December 2010, I got a chance to go back to Marriott Hotel again. It's a whole day event according to my colleagues so I expected breakfast, buffet lunch and  afternoon snacks. Bundled with my expectation was my dearest Tres leches. Yeheeeeey! And yeheeeeey not! There's no Tres leches in the desserts area. Quite disappointed but to my surprise, I discovered my newest addiction--the Opera slice. ♥

Clockwise from left: New York cheesecake, THE OPERA SLICE, Cappuccino chocolate mousse and Chocolate tiramisu.
Excuse my food photography incompetency, the food might not look very yummy! Plus, I just used my iPhone 4's camera. Hehe.

OPERA SLICE is the best dessert ever created by a pastry chef for a sweet-tooth like me! But don't expect it to be super sweet like it's gonna hurt your throat. Its taste is nothing but perfect, an A+, 5-star. I can't explain well how it tastes like, your tastebuds must be the judge! I can eat this forever. I can eat 4 slices in a minute. I can trade this with any dessert in the world (even Bizu's French macaroons)!!! That's how great THE Opera slice is!!

And to also fulfill the vow I made during the first summit.. (let me refresh your memory cards with this:)

And I guess it's also time to fulfill my promise to Ate Mitch and to convince you, my ever dearest and loving readers, to have a taste of Marriott Hotel's finest cuisines.. here's what I ate yesterday during the 2nd TV5 Creative Summit:

SOUP: Tuscan vegetable soup with sage.
APPETIZER & SALADS: Tomato and mozzarella with pesto, Grilled mushroom with lemon dressing, Malaysian gado-gado with Parmesan cheese and Chinese barbecue combination platter.
HOT: Fried rice Thai style, Beef lasagna in Provencal sauce, Cajun spiced chicken breast with pumpkin and cherry tomatoes and Pan-fried snapper fillet with wok fried spinach and black bean sauce.
I'm really wishing I have a buddy who's got talent in food photography. I really look up to Anton Diaz and Lori Baltazar because they can turn the pictures into almost-real food. But anyway, it won't stop me from whatever I'm doing. :)

Dinner last night, I had Fennel and citrus salad with grilled scallops, Thai sliced beef salad, Smoked salmon with pickle onions, Roasted beef tenderloin on mushroom ragout and sauteed bell peppers, Roasted chicken Spanish style and Baked lamb leg garlic and rosemary. I was kind of tempted to try the soup--Tom yum goong (spicy lemon grass soup with shrimp) but I know it's spicy. Sayang naman. And then for dessert: Yoghurt Panna cotta, Pecan maple syrup tart and of course, Opera slice again. 

For drinks, I had a glass of cold house tea during lunch and an apple juice at night. I also ordered a cup of chamomile tea because of Opera slice overdose. I didn't realize it's going to be a long night, we ended up drinking red wine, champagne and beer with TV5 EVP and COO, Mr. Bobby Barreiro, Head of Broadcast Operations (aka my TV5 big daddy and immediate superior) Atty. Dan De Padua, Unitel President Mr. Tony Gloria and my fellow ladies Ate Badeth, Mommy Rissa, Trina, Lisa and Tina. :) 

I no longer took pictures last night because I'm shy to bring out my camera in front of our bosses but the dinner is super delicious, most especially the Baked lamb leg. I riri, riri rike it!

Visit Marriott Hotel today! No need to stay overnight, just eat! Velocity Bar is also an option on where to drink the night away (plus good music) because The Hub closes at 9:00 PM. Call 988-9999 or visit their website for more details.

RATING: ★★★★★

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Magic Stays With You

Last Sunday, February 20, my cousins and I had our first ever trip without our parents (except for Tita Mercy and Granny who took care of their grandchildren) at Enchanted Kingdom. Coolness, we got 4 silver cars in convoy on our way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Yaaay so much for that freedom! We love going to EK because we always go there for free since 1997!! Thank you, Tita Baby!

I've got a lot of pictures to share because my sister is such a genius photographer! I love all the pictures she took effortlessly! 

Chuck Taylor models.
It's our first time together there! I promised myself that I'd only ride Anchors Away with Paolo so there's going to be someone I can hug, pinch and punch! Hahaha! He borrowed Ate Mai's Chucks because he stayed at home straight from Pangasinan. Good thing he's got some clothes in my closet. 

My cousins and pamangkins. Too bad we're still incomplete! :(
Kuya CJ, Ate Mai, Kuya Mags, Sam, Marga, Symon, Kuya Archie, Jeric, Miming, Kuya Renz, me, Roddick and Luis. I really love this picture! I wish my other cousins from Cavite, Canada and the US were there with us! 

Only middle children can get iPhone 4 in our family! Hahaha!

Me, Aieen and Kuya Renz showing off our i4s!
Please don't get offended, this is only a family joke! :) But we definitely love the fact that we, the pangalawas, have beaten our Ates and Kuyas in getting the Smartphone that changes everything, again. Hahaha!!!

Luis and Jeric.
Our Soysoys (shortcut for bunsoys) are so big now that it makes me sad! I look to them as if they're only toddlers who love to play Power Rangers. They're the youngest in the group and will be finishing college next year with my youngest sis. We grew up altogether in a compound so we treat each other not only as cousins but as real brothers and sisters! <3

Flying Fiesta, my favorite ride.
If you know me so well, you'd know that I have fear of heights (or fear of falling, perhaps?) and being in such a high place gives me a strange feeling. But this one's an exemption! I'm flying!!! 

Rialto. Now showing: Happy Feet.
When you're in EK, this is mandatory, at least for us! Broadway-ish feel, right?

I used to call Mr. Enchanted Kingdom, "MERLIN".
Remember The Grand Wizard Merlin of Starla (Jewel Riders) aired in GMA? I thought it's him! Btw, the girl in white who smiled with me, is pretty, right? She's not my cousin but she looks like one! Hehe!

That's me in the red heart mark--a proof that I rode this #$%^&*# ride! It's my second time to ride there, first time was with Jovy. And now that Pao's there, I gave my cousins my nod! Whatta ride!!! It just cleared my lungs, mehn!

DODGEM. We'll forever love bumper cars!
 Like Flying Fiesta, Dodgem's always a must whenever we visit EK!

Raid, raid, raid!!!
We promise not to pee again anywhere else! Hahaha! While waiting for our Rialto turn, we had some sort of JUACKEE pictorial outside to beat the heat away!

Remember this pose I did when we went to EK last November?

May kapatid na sya!

Marianne Marcial does that! You know who's to blame right? In case you don't know, his name is Gian Paolo Gancia.

THAT'S THEM! Homaygolly, Space Shuttle!
I salute everyone who's got the POWERRRR and COURAAAAAAGE to ride the Space Shuttle! Kayo na! Kayo na talaga! Pati yung mga nagbabayad sa EKstreme, kayo na talaga!

My little princesses Reesha and Sam.
Soaking wet after Rio Grande and while waiting for the fireworks display to start, I babysat these two little girls.

Oh baby, baby, baby.. F4 Meteor Garden. That's Pao, me, Roddick and Miming watching the fireworks.
I riri, riri, riri rike this! I hope EK's fireworks can be as great as Disneyland's! But this one's nice, anyway especially the photo! ☺

Pao and I really enjoyed our EK together!
I felt like a little child again because of this magical experience! No matter how old Enchanted Kingdom is, it never fails to enchant me! Indeed, the magic stays with me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Green and Gold, Hail FEU!

One unplanned Saturday, Dad brought us in our beloved FEU after an all-out kitchen shopping spree in Greenbelt. My Ate Mai and I were so excited to see our alma mater again (most especially her, imagine her excitement because the last time she's been there was almost 5 years ago to my estimation). 

There's quite a few changes in and around FEU since my last visit. ARH (Alfredo Reyes Hall) is now an exclusive building for HRM and Tourism students. There's a new KFC in front of Gate 3, there's Nik Nok Manok, which until now makes me laugh by simply saying its name. 

We took pictures right in the heart of the university:

IAS versus IABF.

Everything happens here. Students play here. People walk straight from Admin Building to NRH/ARH, Nursing Building to East Asia and vice versa. Some park here. This is where the heart of FEU is.

The FEU Chapel. I used to pray here before exams and whenever I need a conversation with Jesus. I guess it helped me get my cum laude award. =)

Behind me are the buildings that taught me a lot of things: The Nicanor Reyes Hall (NRH) and Alfredo Reyes Hall (ARH). The small trees behind me? That's where we stay during our vacant hours. That's where Paolo and I stay while waiting for each others' classes to end. That's where I meet my friends. That's where we eat. IABF students like me love that place.

I want to thank my Dad that he sent us here for college. When I was 5, he used to bring us here on Saturdays. My sisters and I would watch Julie Andrews' The Sound of Music and Mary's Secret Garden. He would take us out for lunch, either Jollibee in Isetann or Jollibee in Recto. We'd go home by 5 and drop by Cherry Hill (now Praline 'n Nuts) to buy cream puffs. Those Saturdays made us memorize the songs the Von Trapp family popularized. Totally unforgettable.

Never in my life had I realized I'd also spend Saturdays here crying because of some heartbreaking problems in school, lovelife and friends. Didn't anticipate tasting streetfoods outside, running late in class and using my Dad's name if I fail to bring my school ID. I used to hate on the fact that I can't take up International Studies in DLSU or Theater Arts in UP. I ditched these two on my list because I know Dad won't approve of it and that I'd only welcome frustration. And I ditched these two because I don't want to frustrate Dad. He's working for FEU for almost 30 years now, our scholarship is his treasure. NOW, DEFINITELY NO REGRETS!

I am so proud of myself that I bleed green and gold now. FEU gives definition to the word balance--something that a middle-class family member understands. 

I promise to devote one Saturday here to taste the life of Morayta and Recto again. I will eat Kumpleto Burger, buy chocolate/coffee shake with a taste very similar to Starbucks, look for cheap kikay thrills (i.e. fancy jewelry, headbands) and reminisce. 

I just love my alma mater! From former President Cory Aquino to Vice Ganda, I shout "Go, fight, Tamaraws!" with them! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

What's the best cleansing oil in the world?

Yours truly is a fan of make-ups just like any other ordinary girl. Top favorites are Shu Uemura, MAC, Nars and Bloom and cheaper but very good ones like L'oreal, Maybelline and Etude House. I'm also glad that I have "suppliers" aka relatives abroad of brands like Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique. Although I love makeups, my everyday makeup wear only includes light foundation (L'oreal True Match), blush-on (Nars Orgasm) and lip gloss (Maybelline Lip Smooth Color). Eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadow and such are only reserved for special occasions! 

Some chances require heavy (i.e. modeling) to medium (i.e. weddings, debut parties). AT ITO ANG PUYATAN MOMENTS. The moment we get home, we just want to lie on our beds and sleep without removing our makeups at all. And then the next morning, we welcome little itchy spots on our face, thus regret. I was once like this. Haha. 

One night, when my friends Toto and Mia accompanied me to attend Dream FM's Pampering Dreams event in The Fort, we were quite surprised to see free MOs by artists from PAC, The Face Shop, etc so Mia and I never hesitated to sign up.

Here I was, getting ready for the MO!
Mia being revamped.
My favorite shot of Mia.
The eyeshadow and me.
Very nice makeup artist from PAC.
 I enjoyed the makeover session but I honestly didn't like the makeup! It made me look more matured. Maybe because of the contouring effect?

No more pa-tweetums look. Lol.
 When we're done with some of the pampering activities, we rushed to my favorite Sonja's Cupcakes in Serendra and introduced the yummy cupcakes of Ms. Ocampo to my wonderful friends.

While waiting for our orders, I felt the urge to remove my makeup there!

Me no likey! :s
Good thing I have the best cleansing oil in the world!
This is the best cleansing oil in the world. Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, Daphne Osena-Paez, Jenni Epperson, Ruffa Gutierrez, Gretchen Barretto are some of the beauty icons who swear by this product! And I'm one of them! Chos.

It is a gentle yet effective oil-based cleanser Mr. Shu Uemura himself discovered in 1950s. Imagine the Kabuki actors with their real heavy white makeups? They use this product to remove it! How guhreaaat! 

Shu Uemura cleansing oils are formulated with exclusive High Performance Oil system making optical makeup and impurity removal perfect. Even the waterproof ones can be easily washed. 

As Shu Uemura says it, "Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin." Para saan pa ang makeup kung masisira din ang ating balat, hindi ba? It's also nice to know that they offer an extensive range for all skin needs that will match our skin conditions!

Proud to say that my sister gave me all (HAAAAA) varieties:

1. HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL ADVANCED FORMULA - For all skin conditions. I use this one regularly.

2. HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL FRESH - For combination to oily conditions.


4. CLEANSING BEAUTY OIL PREMIUM A/O - For aging. I haven't tried this one yet. Maybe when I turn 23? Hehe.

5. CLEANSING BEAUTY OIL PREMIUM A/I - For sensitive skin. I also use this.

6. BRIGHTENING CLEANSING OIL - For dull skin. This one too, I use!

The product is quite expensive but it's all worth it! Its purpose is not only to remove makeup but it also has other beneficial properties for a well, moisture-balanced skin.

Where to buy: Rustan's Glorietta 4, Makati; Rustan's Shangri-La. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

GOTH to Believe

I've always wanted to have "dark, round eyes" because most strangers say I look like a (a) Korean, (b) Japanese or (c) Chinese. My peg is Penelope Cruz during her MNG days. Her eyes are very beautiful. I wish mine were like hers. 

 I tried to imitate her eyes but I often end up looking like a battered woman with A BLACK EYE. 

Here's one of my few attempts:

My Blogger and LookBook profile picture.
Heavy eyeliner and super dark eyeshadow made my eyes look bigger. Sorry, this is an edited picture I grabbed from my Multiply account. I don't have a copy of the original one anymore. I am so proud of myself that I have finally achieved this without the idea of "just got punched by someone" look. *clap-clap*

And then a year after, I modeled for Icko de Jesus, one of the coolest photographers I know. He just made my dream of having dark eyes come true! Make-up by Monique Ruiz. Styling by me. So goth!


See? Finally, dark eyes! GOTH to believe in the magic of make up! I also want to mention that the location of our shoot is a cemetery! O diba, so tapang of us three! 

How about you, what look do you want to achieve? :)