Monday, February 21, 2011

Green and Gold, Hail FEU!

One unplanned Saturday, Dad brought us in our beloved FEU after an all-out kitchen shopping spree in Greenbelt. My Ate Mai and I were so excited to see our alma mater again (most especially her, imagine her excitement because the last time she's been there was almost 5 years ago to my estimation). 

There's quite a few changes in and around FEU since my last visit. ARH (Alfredo Reyes Hall) is now an exclusive building for HRM and Tourism students. There's a new KFC in front of Gate 3, there's Nik Nok Manok, which until now makes me laugh by simply saying its name. 

We took pictures right in the heart of the university:

IAS versus IABF.

Everything happens here. Students play here. People walk straight from Admin Building to NRH/ARH, Nursing Building to East Asia and vice versa. Some park here. This is where the heart of FEU is.

The FEU Chapel. I used to pray here before exams and whenever I need a conversation with Jesus. I guess it helped me get my cum laude award. =)

Behind me are the buildings that taught me a lot of things: The Nicanor Reyes Hall (NRH) and Alfredo Reyes Hall (ARH). The small trees behind me? That's where we stay during our vacant hours. That's where Paolo and I stay while waiting for each others' classes to end. That's where I meet my friends. That's where we eat. IABF students like me love that place.

I want to thank my Dad that he sent us here for college. When I was 5, he used to bring us here on Saturdays. My sisters and I would watch Julie Andrews' The Sound of Music and Mary's Secret Garden. He would take us out for lunch, either Jollibee in Isetann or Jollibee in Recto. We'd go home by 5 and drop by Cherry Hill (now Praline 'n Nuts) to buy cream puffs. Those Saturdays made us memorize the songs the Von Trapp family popularized. Totally unforgettable.

Never in my life had I realized I'd also spend Saturdays here crying because of some heartbreaking problems in school, lovelife and friends. Didn't anticipate tasting streetfoods outside, running late in class and using my Dad's name if I fail to bring my school ID. I used to hate on the fact that I can't take up International Studies in DLSU or Theater Arts in UP. I ditched these two on my list because I know Dad won't approve of it and that I'd only welcome frustration. And I ditched these two because I don't want to frustrate Dad. He's working for FEU for almost 30 years now, our scholarship is his treasure. NOW, DEFINITELY NO REGRETS!

I am so proud of myself that I bleed green and gold now. FEU gives definition to the word balance--something that a middle-class family member understands. 

I promise to devote one Saturday here to taste the life of Morayta and Recto again. I will eat Kumpleto Burger, buy chocolate/coffee shake with a taste very similar to Starbucks, look for cheap kikay thrills (i.e. fancy jewelry, headbands) and reminisce. 

I just love my alma mater! From former President Cory Aquino to Vice Ganda, I shout "Go, fight, Tamaraws!" with them! :)

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