Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ambush Blogging

I really missed my blog but being the new mom that I am, I can no longer spend longer time in front of the computer. While my prince charming is asleep, I'm sharing all my random thoughts with you and what's happening around, without photos to make this post visually good. It's like popping bubble thoughts in a timely manner. Game!

1. I resigned from my job at TV5 and decided to focus on motherhood. But of course aside from being a mother, I'm also a career woman so I'm still considering other jobs (to financially support my child, too!). 

2. In relation to number 1, I want to give my dream job a try. If you know me so well, you know what I mean. 

3. While I'm homestaying, I plan to share my motherhood options through blog--from the diaper brands I've tried to special and worth-sharing experiences and discoveries I have with my son. But of course, this is possible only if Sword allows me to because he wants to be held most of the time! :D

4. I have to lose more weight. I'm 119 lbs. as of now. I was only 98 before I got pregnant. And staying at home allows me to eat anytime and eat everything I find in the fridge.

5. I miss hanging out with my friends. But I'm pretty sure my friends understand why I'm missing the good times now because I'm spending quality times with my newborn. I miss and love you, guys! You know who you are!

6. How about starting my own business?

I have to end this "popping" session now. My prince charming is about to wake up. Time to feed him my milk. Yes, I'm back to breastfeeding. 

Good night, June. Let's be high, July! 



Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sword Marius

18th day of May, 6:53 in the morning. I gave birth to a wonderful, miraculous creation of God.

It was a joyous journey to motherhood. Nine months of pregnancy. Thirty-seven weeks of feeling so special and fragile knowing that I am carrying a young life inside me. In my womb I nurtured and loved a little man that even without seeing him yet, he already changed my life. 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful happening. You get to feel the life inside you... the kicks, the swirls, and only a mother feels it. You get to hear the life inside you... the heartbeat, the throb it makes. It's perfect. 

It's all worth the wait. Every single day of my pregnancy I prayed for my baby's welfare, and my faith got even stronger as my delivery day drew closer. And then the day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived three weeks earlier than expected. Emotionally, I wasn't ready for it, but my body was. And my baby was so ready too to say hello to the outside world, outside his mommy's womb.

After thirteen hours of labor, from which the last five hours was the most painful experience ever, an angel was put right on my chest. He is my son and his name is Sword Marius. 

Ladies and gents, meet our little sailor. :)

His first picture ever, taken by his Dad. 

Day 2, wrapped up.

My favorite photo of him.

And then 17 days after, his chubby cheeks just became chubbier. 

My life is complete now. I am surrounded by my loving and very supportive parents and sisters, and I have my family I can call my own. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. I will forever thank Him for making me wealthy because with what I have now, I am richer than Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.