Sunday, September 30, 2012


If in case you're curious on what's happening at work during our breaktime and if you want to know what we usually eat during lunch, congratulations! You're in the right path. Hehe!

Last Thursday's perfect attendance brought us to a mini-photoshoot! Everybody was there! I'm so happy to have been working with these guys, they really make life easier! 

Nico Joseph Jay Monica Abby Chu Marianney

If we only report to Broadway everyday, everyday we'll be eating SHAWARMA RICE. (And Pot Dog. And have some Sereniteas delivered.)

Jay's dreaming. Nico's bearding. Monica's glowing. Abby's leaning. Marianney's smiling. 

We've been through a lot lately but I'm glad that we're better than ever. (Missing Minna and Iya so bad though. :/)

Can't wait to see them all tomorrow for another breaktime full of memories and fun! 


"London" Distance Love Affair

A few weeks back I had several meetings outside with Monica. We went around UP area to meet some sponsors for Dolphy Alay Tawa (which will air tonight simultaneously on TV5, ABS-CBN and GMA, 10:30 PM). 

Monica knows one of my many reasons why I work hard--I want to go to my dream cities like New York, Paris and London. And who would have thought, in a very ordinary day I was able to see a replica of London! :)

Our fate brought us to a hidden garden in QC and upon seeing the famous red telephone booth, I jumped for joy and somehow begged Monica to take a picture of me! Well, of course, we did it after our meeting. 


I know it's miles, miles, miles away from the real London but I couldn't help to bring out the child in me when I saw one even without leaving the country. And guess what, the Big Ben's also a bonus!

I look tall here! :D

This day in London reminded me of my day in Tokyo last month. Now I wonder when I'll be able to spend a day in New York and Paris without securing a visa. Hehe.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Multiply Days

Susie has been uploading old photos of us in Facebook and me being the number one photo lover and camera user back in college, I still have all the files with me and archived them in my Multiply site. A month ago I heard that Multiply will no longer be a social networking site but an e-commerce, online market. They also posted a notice encouraging all its users to backup the uploaded files before December 1.

I'm dealing with it seriously because I have more than a thousand albums there, both in MarianneMarcial and Greensoda accounts. Can someone help me find that "download all" button so I can get all my photos in an instant? 

I initially tried saving some of my favorites and I want to share them all with you! I'm using my photos' Multiply URLs though. Hehe.

Random photos during college, our trips abroad and one after college --

Sorry, it's one photo bombed post once again. I think a separate Throwback Thursday fits an entry like this so I'll try to squeeze it in my busy weekdays. :)

Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

FEU: The Wild Side

I can't get over it! 

The FEU Cheering Squad broke a leg and brought home the bacon! The entire performance reminded me of so many memories in college and above all, it made me prouder than ever, to be a part of the FEU family. I am so happy and proud to be a Tamaraw! 

It was a close fight between FEU and UP but the former bagging the title did not convince me that FEU is less best than the Maroons. FEU's number showed fierceness, vigor, enthusiasm and grace--exactly how a cheerdance must be. Please know that I am not against UP, of course! No doubt they deserve to be the champion of this season's cheerdance competition. Congratulations to the only university who expressed freedom! 

But me being a Tamaraw can't help not to congratulate my fellows' dedication for unleashing their wild side. You, guys, are indeed the number one, the champion, and I have a lot of people who believe in you... not just me! 

The FEU Cheering Squad

Congratulations, once again, Tamaraws! Go, fight! :)


Like A Rose

I was the only rose among the thorns yesterday and I felt that I was treated exactly like a rose--well taken care of! Thank you, Nico and Jay for a fun-filled day! I really enjoyed being your muse! Hahaha!

Jay and I went to our The Fort office together for an afternoon meeting while Nico sent me home after our chinner (lunch-dinner). They took pictures of me and had pictures with me, too! They bought me a refreshing drink at Seattle's Best and brought me to a super delightful steakhouse in Kapitolyo named Rub. Little did I know that it was also the same place Monica wanted to try with us after her birthday... I just realized that there's also Rub in Scout Rallos in Morato. Sadly, she weren't able to join us because she was admitted to the hospital. (Get well soon, BFF! Miss yaaa xx)


According to these two "hunks", this photo looked like a rockstar album. And I am the vocalist. Nico said he's the bassist and Jay, the drummer. It must be our aviators that brought us to this kind of imagination. Wish ko lang.

I asked the boys to take photos of me to capture the beauty of this park. We have parked around the area several times but it was only yesterday when I noticed this scene. I love the grass and the trees talaga! 

Green, green, green! <3

After a day's work, the three of us had dinner together and drove our way to Kapitolyo. Jay said he would bring Lilly and Chuchay, his wife and daughter respectively, but Chuchay had her tantrums. We had our two family-sized ribs all by ourselves and finished it in less than an hour. Woot!

I love Rub's vibe, its food and the quotable quotes of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, etc. on posters hanging on the wall.

One of our two family-sized rib order with fries and potato and bacon salad. YUMMM!

One of the boys!

Our total bill amounted to almost Php 2,000... a bit pricey but we think we deserved the treat! Thanks again, boys, for taking care of me for just a day! :)

After our dinner, my lovely best friend Toto and I had a Friday night date. He helped me look for swimsuits for my upcoming trip and we capped the night with some Libertea iced tea and burgers at Army Navy. I missed Toto Bee sooo much! <3

It's been one hell of a week but my Friday made some things better, clearer and calmer. I must say, keep calm and kebs lang! This, too, shall pass.


Friday, September 21, 2012

A Month of Sundays via Instagam

Unbelievable. Nine days to go before we bid September goodbye and  I only have one post for this month. 

I want to blame our super not trusty and rusty wifi connection at home (ANO BAYAN?) because everytime I start composing my thoughts, it always says "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again." I can't help not to ignore the warning. It's too discouraging. Next thing I know, I already closed the window and move on with my life. 


I'm so trying my best not to click the upper red x of my browser as I continue typing this message of dismay...

Never mind. Let's get moving. I just want to make up and share what kept me busy during the days I missed blogging. Thank heavens for Instagram, I'm still capable of supporting my stories with photos of wonder moments and nonsenses. 

Monthly Period, September 2012 :)

Lunch out with cousins during the Grandparents' Day.

I have countless lunch-dinner dates with Monica lately. Here we are dining in at Bai Yok, an "authentic" Thai cuisine. 

We went to Century Park Hotel last week for a gown-fitting with the family. With me were my ever so supportive sisters!

Minna might curse me for reposting this but I don't care. I hate to say this but I guess this will be our last (complete) group shot for now. </3

Monica and I Freyja-d once again. We love Freyja! Story behind this photo soon. :)

That's all for now. It breaks my heart to see only a couple of entries this September.. I promise to try my best to at least make it five. If you have any suggestions or requests (hahaha feel ko lang) on what you want me to write, just tweet, email or send me a message anywhere. You may also leave a comment below.

Have a happy weekend!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bon Voyage, Sushiya!

If you're wondering why I haven't posted in two weeks, go on with your wondering skills. I myself cannot also answer myself why. And it's sad.

Oh, okay! Now I know why, and it's simply because I'm sad! I'm sad because one of my closest friends flew to Canada last Friday. :(

My dear Sushiya left for Canada to find her dreams, to bring to life all her plans, and to start saving up for her future. Alright, hindi na ako sad. Happy ako for her, but still, I am missing her.

A week before her flight came in two different occasions for us to celebrate our friendship and prepared ourselves to this thing called long distance relationship. 

We had our special dinner at Mann Hann--everyone's favorite Chinese resto to go to. We took endless photos, with pop-up questions like "Are these gonna be our last photos together for 2012?" 

 They ate a lot, and our photos are proof how much food we ordered that night. My ulcer attacked I had to eat wanton soup but I ended up eating small portions of Yangchow rice because you know I can't say no to Yangchow. :p Sorry, Monics! Konti lang, promise!

All our other photos during that night, most are from Instagram:

Two kids joined us: Nei Nei and Zack. :)

I love this photo! 

With the only thorn among the roses, Doms! 

The other kind of get-together we had was during Tito Bobbie's, Kim's dad, 40th day of passing. We went to their place in Katipunan (kebs all our schedules!) for a simple dinner. It was the night before Susie's flight so she dropped by for a few minutes to bid goodbye. 

I looked like harassing my godson and Zack looked like I just really did! 

Susie, mahangin ba sa labas?

It's been days since she left and left us missing her so much but I'm trying my best not to feel bad about it because I know that in the next couple of years we will see each other again. Plus, Skype, Facetime, Facebook and the ever-so-reliable Twitter are here to ease the "miss" away.

Don't worry, girl, we will always keep you updated and in-the-know of the latest chicas! Take care of yourself and don't forget to take pictures of you, of your food and of everything yoou do for us to see! :)