Saturday, September 22, 2012

FEU: The Wild Side

I can't get over it! 

The FEU Cheering Squad broke a leg and brought home the bacon! The entire performance reminded me of so many memories in college and above all, it made me prouder than ever, to be a part of the FEU family. I am so happy and proud to be a Tamaraw! 

It was a close fight between FEU and UP but the former bagging the title did not convince me that FEU is less best than the Maroons. FEU's number showed fierceness, vigor, enthusiasm and grace--exactly how a cheerdance must be. Please know that I am not against UP, of course! No doubt they deserve to be the champion of this season's cheerdance competition. Congratulations to the only university who expressed freedom! 

But me being a Tamaraw can't help not to congratulate my fellows' dedication for unleashing their wild side. You, guys, are indeed the number one, the champion, and I have a lot of people who believe in you... not just me! 

The FEU Cheering Squad

Congratulations, once again, Tamaraws! Go, fight! :)


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