Sunday, September 23, 2012

Multiply Days

Susie has been uploading old photos of us in Facebook and me being the number one photo lover and camera user back in college, I still have all the files with me and archived them in my Multiply site. A month ago I heard that Multiply will no longer be a social networking site but an e-commerce, online market. They also posted a notice encouraging all its users to backup the uploaded files before December 1.

I'm dealing with it seriously because I have more than a thousand albums there, both in MarianneMarcial and Greensoda accounts. Can someone help me find that "download all" button so I can get all my photos in an instant? 

I initially tried saving some of my favorites and I want to share them all with you! I'm using my photos' Multiply URLs though. Hehe.

Random photos during college, our trips abroad and one after college --

Sorry, it's one photo bombed post once again. I think a separate Throwback Thursday fits an entry like this so I'll try to squeeze it in my busy weekdays. :)

Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week!



  1. hi sis!:) they have link for easy download ng lahat ng albums sa multiply. it is located on the right side below your prof pic. hope this could help you..

    1. Got it! Thanks, sis! Will start backing up my photos tomorrow ;)