Sunday, September 30, 2012

"London" Distance Love Affair

A few weeks back I had several meetings outside with Monica. We went around UP area to meet some sponsors for Dolphy Alay Tawa (which will air tonight simultaneously on TV5, ABS-CBN and GMA, 10:30 PM). 

Monica knows one of my many reasons why I work hard--I want to go to my dream cities like New York, Paris and London. And who would have thought, in a very ordinary day I was able to see a replica of London! :)

Our fate brought us to a hidden garden in QC and upon seeing the famous red telephone booth, I jumped for joy and somehow begged Monica to take a picture of me! Well, of course, we did it after our meeting. 


I know it's miles, miles, miles away from the real London but I couldn't help to bring out the child in me when I saw one even without leaving the country. And guess what, the Big Ben's also a bonus!

I look tall here! :D

This day in London reminded me of my day in Tokyo last month. Now I wonder when I'll be able to spend a day in New York and Paris without securing a visa. Hehe.


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