Tuesday, November 29, 2011

M+K by ruffaandmike.com

It was exactly a month ago when my friend Kim married his then boyfriend, now his husband, Mon. Remember the love we all felt when we attended their wedding and blogged it on my entry Kim + Mon? How about the freedom to pose a la Preview/Tattler given to us by the official photographer Ruffa and Mike?

Finally! The official photos are now posted on the photoblog of the wedding's official photographer. I'm really sorry for grabbing (by screencapping) these photos but I acknowledge that these are owned by ruffaandmike.com. Thank you, Ruffa and Mike, if ever you get to see/read this! :)

The Entourage

Pia and I doing the Dougie as requested by the couple.

Waiting for the couple to walk down the aisle.

A lot of memories flashed back. I can't believe it's been a month since Kim became Mrs. Inciong. I wonder how they're doing now because I haven't seen them since their wedding day. I miss the soon-to-be-mom!

And lastly, who would forget this mobile photo I posted on Facebook--?

This photo may not look like me (I now believe that eyes can change everything, look at my brows and lashes, so not me!) but I swear, it's me!

Now I wonder how and what my wedding feels and looks like respectively. Maybe in three years, or four, or five. Let's see!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

3/4 Boracay

Third and last day post for Boracay before you tell yourself, "Pweh, Boracay again?" Hahaha so okay, this is going to be the last post with regards to this trip. Seat back and relax! Loaded with bikini photos, I don't know why but we just had a few decent photos with our clothes on. But then again, this is Boracay! It's a beach, anyway. Disclaimed!

Lunch at D'Talipapa in a restaurant called Aquafresh, sounds like a toothpaste but I think I know why they named the restaurant Aquafresh. Fresh seafood! Giant lobsters, prawns, crabs, oysters, shrimps, fish, squids, etc etc and then a not-so-dirty, dirty ice cream from Fruits in Ice Cream. That choco pinipig flavor from its Pinoy Sorbetes ice cream collection brought me to paradise! 

Superloving this photo with Ailyn! :)

We hit the beach at around 3:00 in the afternoon because Johnson and I watched the replay of the 2011 Ad Congress. We waited for our bosses, Mr. Manny Pangilinan and Mr. Gabby Lopez, to finish their talks. Maro and Mark took their afternoon nap so most of my pictures are with Ailyn, who's also longing for a tan line like me. We both failed, yo.

Missing our morena girls!

We just stayed in front of the resort where we stayed.

Wore black bikini top from Sassa and red bikini from Topshop. Look out our fezzz, zooo hot outzide!

With Vona who patiently took numerous photo of us. ♥

And yay! Lottie followed :) Good morning!

Tres marias!

Babe and I ♥

One of the happiest afternoons in Boracay to date. We played charades while swimming, boys vs girls. Super fun, we had to guess movie titles like Saving Private Ryan, Home Along Da Riber (boo, boys!) and in return, we asked them to guess Freaky Friday (Mark's really hilarious answer was SPOOKY SATURDAY, SPOOKY FRIDAY AND SPOOKY THURSDAY! Hahaha! He almost completed the entire weekday!), Da Vinci Code and Forrest Gump. The boys won, however!

We rushed back to the resort to wash up, prepare our stuff for our return flight the following day--in my case, watched MMK's tearjerker episode, Singsing featuring Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero, before we went to Station 1 to favor my fruitshake craving which can only be satisfied by Jonah's itself. Paolo and I had an exclusive dinner at Big Mama's and met the rest of the group afterwards at Shenna's.

Our last night in Bora. We did not want to party hard anymore because I'm scared we might miss our early morning flight. We all settled by the shore and drank, ate, and continued playing! This time, we played Pinoy Henyo! As usual, boys vs girls again. We made them guess the words like pugo, nunal and Wi-Fi! Hahahaha!

Johnson's friend, Luster, also joined us that night.

I made sure we wouldn't miss our early flight and yes, I conquered another fear on our way home. I'm really scared of the sea at night/in the dark but last Sunday, we had to take the boat at 5:30 (breaking dawn, naks!). I couldn't wait for the sun to shine but I'm thankful that I enjoyed the boat transfer to Caticlan. Another first in my history of traveling! Shallow for others, but historic for me.

Z2-309, KLO-MNL

Back in Manila's arms by 11:00 in the morning. Going home after every trip is always as exciting as your journey to your destination. As they say, home is where the heart is. Others may argue that they left their hearts in Boracay, but me, I just left my footprints there. ♥

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boracay, 2nd Day

Day two of our Bora adventure, as promised in my First Day at Bo-Rock-Ay post. :)

We partied during the first night without destroying our lungs so I'm happy to wake up in a different bed feeling alright, no hangover and the like. Starting the day with rumbling stomachs, the boys wanted to eat something heavy that we decided to take our lunch at the all-famous, the more the many-er Mang Inasal. Unlimited rice, fight!

Girls and boys while Vona's still asleep.

After this fulfilling brunch, we craved for something sweet and cold aka ice cream so we roamed around the area in search for the perfect dessert. We stumbled upon Halowich, situated at D' Mall Avenue and were astounded by this big ice dessert in a huge punch bowl for only P399!

Ailyn's birthday treat, three months delayed! Hehe, thanks girl! :*

Kagulo, seryoso, agawan at unahan sa ice cream!

This ice dessert can be prepared by anyone! Just be sure to have some crushed ice, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, evaporated milk topped with fruits, cereals and anything you want to please your taste buds. Me, I want to fill this bowl with lots of crispy pinipigs oohlalala~!

Station 2.

Ailyn and I badly wanted to have tan lines we sunbathed at around 3:00 pm under the sun's scorching heat. We also applied tanning lotion to achieve our goal but it looked like Coppertone is not that effective. No visible tan lines at all! 

 Lotty and I and our tanning lotion.

Pimping with ola mestiza, Ailyn.

Paisley-printed bikini top from Coco Cabana and purple bikini from Sunkissed.

Where's Mickey? Where's Mika?

Stolen shots with Lotty and Vona! Like! ♥

Time to get a tan!

At Cafe del Mar. Nope, that's not mine. :)

We drank during the late afternoon by the bay (moments like this, I truly love!). It did not feel like a Friday afternoon at all because there was no too much crowd. We expected people to rush in by the weekend, but oh well, expect the unexpected. Fewer people made the island more beautiful.  

Beach volley, again.

Beer and isaw!

While the others spent the early sunset playing volleyball, Paolo and I continued drinking and eating isaw (grilled chicken intestine), atay (grilled chicken liver) and barbecue!

And then suddenly, Johnson got lost! We didn't know exactly what happened but we couldn't all go back to the hotel because they key to our room was with him. After 20 minutes, he appeared somewhere! Whew!

Dinner at Villa de Oro.

The five of us had dinner at Villa de Oro at Station 3 while Ailyn and Donn had an exclusive date. Mushy much! We enjoyed our blue marlin, grilled porkchop and more! We talked about a lot of things too and forgot about the time... the time to party!

Happy couple Mark and Maro :)

On our way to Villa de Oro, a lady approached us and invited us to a ladies' night at their bar called Deja Vu. We liked the place, clean, big and not crowded and it's actually the cheapest place to drink and dance. First round of cocktails are for free, yay for Mai Tai and bottled drinks like San Mig Light, Red Horse and Tanduay Ice only cost P40! What a steal! :)

Ladies night turned into couples night!

With my forever date!

Eh hindi naman ako partyng-party na!

I already wore this maxi dress to Boracay last year as a coverup :)

Maxi girls!

Dougie + Tanduay Ice = fun night with my mars!

The DJ played such great songs!

Thug lovin'. Haha! :D

Bro. Flavius vs Bro. Hartmann. Mika and Monte, where are you guys?

End of day two. Time flies when you're having fun, but our time flew twice as fast than the usual because not only we had fun, we had new memories worth keeping. How I really, really wish we were complete, though. Day three coming up next. :)