Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kim + Mon

Remember my blog about a thing called love, a story about my friend Kim and her boyfriend Mon? It is such a sweet honor to be a part of their marriage, like calling yourself a member of the entourage with your name written on the invitation cards, having that special seat reserved for you and your fellows, walking graciously down the aisle with all eyes on you and THAT feeling of I-am-this-close-to-the-couple's-heart. Nothing beats. I was once a flower girl so all I cared about then was my basket full of flowers and my white stockings--my fashion staple when I was a kid. Now that I'm a grownup and already a bridesmaid, aside from spending sleepless nights deciding on which kind of shoes to match with my gown, knowing the importance of marriage is the best thing to learn. So to the newlyweds Kim and Mon, thank you for letting me be a part of your marriage because like you, I believe in this Sacrament of love and I believe in love. ♥

The wedding happened last Saturday, October 29, 2011 at the Mt. Carmel Parish in New Manila, QC. It was a morning wedding. The ceremony started at exactly 9:00. Ashamed of myself for missing the grand entrance of the bride, Jovy, Susie and Rachel and I arrived a few minutes after Kim walked down the aisle. :(

The celebrant reminded me of the late Pope John Paul II.

The bride's long veil covered the flight of stairs which leads to the altar.

Solemn and happy moments of the couple!

The bridesmaids: Pia, Susie and Jovy & me and Rachel.

The groom's lovely sister, Kitty.

Captured by the boyfriend.

I love this shot! This is how the couple looked like after the officiating priest said, "You may kiss the bride."

It's official! Husband and wife. (Look how Mon looked so proud!) ♥

Flower girls, ring and coin bearers, maid of honor, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

Ansaveh ng pose ko? :)

This cutiepatootie little girl reminded me of The Sound Of Music's Gretl!

Me, as a whole! Hehe :) Shoes from Janylyn!

Another favorite. With Jeff, Pia, Susie, Rachel and Jovy.

The bride is so beautiful in any angle.

After the ceremony, the couple asked the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to stay for a while for a quick pictorial before proceeding to the reception. Ruffa & Mike is the wedding's official photographer, videography by Jake Olaso. I liked how he gave us the justice to strike any pose a la Preview or Philippine Tattler. I'm so excited to see them! How long does it usually take? :)

The celebration continued at the nearby events place, The Oasis Garden. Hearing our tummies rumble due to limited food intake (mahirap na baka di magkasya ang gown) a couple of weeks ago did not stop us from doing the Dougie as requested by the couple. They wanted us to dance "Teach Me How To Dougie" with them. I love how they danced it, effortless yet graceful!

 FEU represent! Phoebe, Miles, Me-An, Kim E., Susie, me, Jovy and Susie :)

Girlfriends plus Cham.

The groomsmen David, James and Jigs plus one.

Wacky, according to them, is tongue out and peace sign. I disagree.

Paolo playing around. 

We got the garter and the flower! Yeddddah~

Last time I saw them was a year ago. Happy to be reunited with Miles and Cheenee!

My best friend who looks like Ginger Conejero looked like Venus Raj! :D

With my Kumare! Cham is so pretty that day! Love her makeup and orange accents allover!

With Jovy and our "almost" matching gown design.

With Susie and our identical leg positions!

With the loveliest girl, the bride. Kimmie looked so regal here! Barbie-inspired! 

More group shots!

Again, congratulations to Kim and Mon! Seeing them together on their wedding day gave me another reason to believe on the magic of love. I can't help to daydream of being the bride but I'm not in a hurry, of course! There is just something about weddings that I can't describe and Kim justified the true meaning of being the woman, the daughter, the bride and now, the wife. Definitely waiting for my turn but that might take a couple of years, or three or more. For now, I'm waiting... for the official photos from Ruffa & Mike. Counting the days! I wanna see how it turned out. 


PS: God's blessings are really infinite! Two days before their wedding, Mon took up the customs broker licensure exam and four days after, the board exam result was released. Gladly, Mon's name is on it. Another reason to celebrate, indeed! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Inciong! :)


  1. This is just so sweet! and this is why I believe in happily ever after ;) great post Marianne! I've been reading your posts sometime now and its just now that I commented...I really felt the love there. haha! hope you can visit mine too!

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  2. Thanks, Mar! Wow, glad to see a "katokayo" here coz some people who are close to me call me Mar :) // Anyway, thanks again for reading my blog. I visited yours and yes, you're so pretty! Followed you!

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