Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's A Thing Called Love

"I do; to have and to hold; 'til death do us part." These words. These words mean nothing until you spoke it, and it will never mean a thing until you hear someone say it to you. In front of your parents, in front of your family members, in front of your friends, all right before God.

Being in a relationship is entirely different from witnessing a relationship. Yes, being committed to someone you love and being with that person is the most romantic thing we could ever feel but something is sweeter than this. Imagine seeing a couple walking around while holding each others' hands. Or a man opening the door of his car's passenger seat after picking her girl up from a relaxing spa session with her friends. Or as simple as seeing a girl wiping her boyfriend's face after a sweaty basketball game.

Mon and Kim are the perfect example of couples I'd always love to watch. The thought of them being together most of the time during catch-ups with friends, late night movie schedules and whatevers cannot deny the prediction that someday, she will walk down the aisle, him, waiting for her right from the moment the house of the Lord opens its doors, and they will be called as one.

Mon, with his funny yet sweet gestures show the best of his love for Kim. He surely looks shy, an introvert, but with his subtle ways, you'll see him protecting his girl, ready to fight for her, willing to give her his name.

Kim, on the other hand, shows the world how much she's always ready to say yes to everything in the name of love, her smile, the way she looks at him, you'll feel like watching a chick flick.

Mon and Kim will be forever partners, yesterday, today, tomorrow... on the day of their wedding... on the first day they will be considered as man and wife, in the beach, in the dance floor, in the flea market. Partners for life, for themselves and soon for their children.

Many people spend their lives searching for someone to hold on to forever, and fortunately, Mon and Kim are lucky enough to find one another that they call themselves the better half of each other. Standing steadfast at each others' side regardless of what life brings them. They have the excuse not to get scared of getting old, that gray hair would not make her love him less neither her wrinkled skin.

Mon and Kim are bringing their relationship into the next level. He will be taking the person whom he loves the best in his care. To always look for things to be thanked for, to praise and to notice less faults. Mon and Kim are a perfect combination of drama and love story, they share the sense of values and objectives--of loving each other, of taking good care of each other, and the plan to be with each other forever, all for a thing called love. 

I made this for our soon-to-be-bride. For more details about their wedding, kindly check out their wedding website, Mon + Kim



  1. yanie,,, i believe in love and i believe in marriage..