Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mommy Tin's 18+7 Birthday: Dress To Impress

Our good friend, Mommy Tin, had her birthday bash last Saturday at Gray Fox Bar along Visayas Avenue, QC. She sent out invitations three weeks ahead and wouldn't take "no" or "we will follow" for an answer but when she found out that we reserved our tickets for The Sound Of Music since August, she took our "we promise to follow right after" answer. She knows how much I've been dying to see this and how important it is for me not to miss the first public screening and with it, I'm thankful to have friends who understand. :)

The Saturday that it was is so loaded--from beauty session (hair color, manicure and pedicure) with the girls Jovy, Susie and Rachel, to our one-hour mad rush from QC to Resorts World and back to QC for the party. We all got so drunk that I can't put into words what exactly happened that midnight (we arrived five minutes before 12:00 AM). I can only recall how Kitty, Pia and Susie dragged me to the dance floor seconds after we arrived and said hi to everyone.

Since the party's theme was "Dress To Impress", everybody dressed up and girls were required to wear heels. The security was so strict, nobody's allowed to enter the bar without the invitation-slash-ID.When we got there, my friends were already a bit tipsy, all were acting unusual except for Kim and Jovy who didn't drink. They're also about to leave when we arrived because of Kim's condition and Jovy has work the following day. Still good to know that we have photos taken together, so get yourselves ready for loadssss of photos! (By the way, please excuse my bra slips! Haha)

Susie did not get her hands off me the entire party!

Girls, all present! Me, Jovy, Rachel, Susie and Kimmie.

Official photos from the photographer.

With the birthday girl in black dress and brown, curly hair.

Our backs and Kitty aka Rihanna!

Susie was so clingy that night! Haha! :)

The early birds who wanted to catch the early worms: Kimmie and Jovy.

Yannie-Kimmie-Jovy outside. :)

With my date ♥

With the very hot Pia Anngela!

With Kima (who looks like our friend Hazel, RIP) and Susie!

No Other Woman, version one.

No Other Woman, version two.

It's official: We're all drunk here.

With the birthday girl and her twin, Rachel!

Paolo trying to control me. :P

David! Huli ka at the back! Hahahahaha!


Susie and I dougie-ing!

 Holding the Kurant I over-drank

I looove this!

Mommy Tin's party is one of the best and the most unforgettable party, ever! Although I can't recall how things happened and how we got somewhere in such an ungodly hour, we really enjoyed this night! And oh, even if I wanted to end my life the following day due to severe hangover, I do not regret that I drank more than what my body can take! As my Facebook status says, "We'll never be wise and old if we weren't called young and free!" :)

Thanks for inviting us, Mommy Tin! Paolo and  I are so happy to be a part of your 18+7 Dress To Impress party! We love you!


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