Friday, October 28, 2011

Northern Eastbound

The best friend we could ever have next to Candy Magazine is our cousins. Something is so special about them, like being able to avoid arguments we always have with our siblings and being friends with them while proving that the saying "Blood is thicker than water." is true.

Last Friday, our plan to spend a night together at Bite Club finally happened. We have been planning this for years! Though incomplete due to last minute cancellations of my other cousins' whereabouts, five of us made it and my sister and I had introduced them the biggest burger we know in the metro. Don't judge us! We love Bite Club since I was in high school and I haven't found its best competitor yet except for the one in Iloilo.

Goofing around with my cousin Ebok. Do you see the Enchong Dee resemblance? :)

Here we are enjoying our first ever bite at Bite Club that night!

We're like wolves enjoying the great meaty taste of the grilled patty! Ate Mai and I are glad that they enjoyed it and we are definitely coming back... with more cousins and close friends!

After an hour and a half of staying there, we decided to spend a little more time in Eastwood. We originally planned to drink in The Distillery but Friday night is A Friday night, hence, The Distillery could no longer accommodate us so we stayed at Bed Room instead. It brought back some college memories but it's quite disappointing to see Bed Room now. Dirty, bad service, drinks are not served well and blah, blah, blah. We could have chose Agave instead! But still, we let the good times roll through our endless laughs and catchups!

A bit flop but I love how the "effect" looked like!

Paolo straight from his Naga (work-related) trip!

I missed him! :)

Kuya CJ, Paolo and me.

With Ate Lauren and Budoy!!! :)

What I wore: Cropped top from Royal Kouture | Black knit jeans from Jag | Snakeskin flat shoes from Misbehave and Pepper Potts feathered hairclip from MARiS.

Christmas is near!

Til the next getaway with my cousins!


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