Monday, November 21, 2011

First Day at Bo-Rock-Ay!

I'm home from my home! I had a mini 4D/3N vacation at Boracay with my high school friends Mika, Maro & Mark, Johnson, Ailyn & Donn and my forever traveling buddy-slash-boyfriend, Paolo. It was a long wait for them since they booked their flight last summer and I just convinced myself to join them a month ago and finally booked our flight a couple of weeks before the trip. My usual October Boracay trip was moved to November due to some important celebrations I couldn't afford to miss like M+K's wedding so when I had the chance to join my other friends, I did not hesitate to go. Plus, it's the perfect way to rebond with my high school girlies because we haven't been together for years. 2011 is really a good year for friendship!

Z2-308, MNL-KLO :)

Paolo and I took the earliest flight to Kalibo via Zest Air at 7:50 and unfortunately, our flight was 50 minutes delayed. Good thing was, we were already on board so we just slept in the plane for nearly 1 1/2 hour. We also enjoyed our breakfast, I brought my Pepperidge Farm cookies in Chesapeake with me. Arrived at Kalibo at 9:30, and met the gang by 12 noon!

Late lunch at Bite Club!

After introducing Bite Club to my cousins last month, I also introduced these big delish grilled burgers to them! Again, I'm glad that they liked it! The Burgerella and The Bomb are indeed the bomb! Bellies deserve some grilled patties and melted cheese and more!

We walked around Boracay after satisfying our appetites and headed to Station 1 to swim, take pictures, play volleyball and watch the beautiful sunset. Believe it or not, it was my first beach trip with them. Mika, Mark and I are friends since 1997 (grade three Polly Pocket moments), Maro, Ailyn and Johnson since 2001 (high school) but of course we can't go to the beach together during those years, haha!

Hello, Willy's Rock! We met again after a year!

I love my printed chiffon beach pants from SM Department Store's Betty!

Hiding my fatty belly filled with grilled patties!

Paolo and I enjoying the beach once again. :)

Huhuhu, washout image!

Girlies, bikinis and coverups!

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These four are good volleyball players so they made time to play their favorite sport in the beach. To try something new, I learned skimboarding with the help of the locals there. Paolo and I ALWAYS enjoy talking to the locals/residents of the places we go to. Pegging congeniality!

Skimboarding is exciting!

While the others are away, Paolo pleased me by taking moooore photos of me!

Mix and match, plains and prints!

Ma Ma Mi(k)a! Marianne-Maro and Mia :)

I like this ONLY photo of us four wearing our bikinis but my boyfriend unfortunately ruined it! #sadface

Us five during sunset at 5. :)

Three girls and three boys and a sun!

Ailyn's successful jump shot! Aim high, girls!

Favorite!!! Thank you, Mika, for this! ♥

What's Boracay without Jonah's? We had our fruit shake fix before heading back to Station 1.

Jonah's is back at the beachfront. Hehe late reaction. :P

We went back to our place to fix ourselves for dinner at Queen Bee located at D'Mall. Good food at such a good price. Check it out when you visit Boracay, it's situated right in front of Ole and Andok's, beside Mang Inasal.

Loaded! Now ready to drink to celebrate Vaughn's 23rd birthday!

I also liked the girls' outfits that night! Prints in different designs--polka dots for Maro, abstract for me, floral for Ailyn and zebra prints for Mika. Great!

After watching a fire dance/poy (OMG, I swear it's the best I've ever watched!), we went to Summer Place as requested/decided by the birthday boy/girl Vona. Of course we couldn't disagree, it's his birthday treat after all! Go, Kapamilya! Thank you and we love you! ♥

Hell Girl at Summer Place.

Dahil ang kapatid ay isang kapamilya! Mahal kita!

Another Kapatid! :)

Lovers Marianne-Gian, Ailyn-Donn and Maro-Maro! ♥

Before hitting the dancefloor :)

We missed dancing!!! Mika, Maro, Ailyn and I are high school cheerdancers!

Mika back from her short nap! Good morning, Mare!

With babe who also enjoyed the night dancing and taking our photos. Thank you!

It was indeed a happy and fulfilling first day and night at Boracay. I missed being with them and it's really unforgettable to be at a new setting with them. Quite sad that Mika had to leave the following day, still thankful that I shared a night with her in this beautiful island. She has such a brave heart to help Monte with his new business venture. We ended the day eating (again) and had a peaceful sleep to recharge ourselves for a more exciting tomorrow at Boracay. Day 2 of this rocking trip to follow. Stay tuned! :)



  1. boracay is a very lovely place!! you really go there every year? :) bonggang panata yan!

  2. Love the print of you pants, bikini and dress!


  3. Haloo, Roviedoo!

    Yes, I go there once a year, I actually call it panata too! Haha :)

  4. Thanks Kaye! :) The pants are well loved now :)