Sunday, September 30, 2012


If in case you're curious on what's happening at work during our breaktime and if you want to know what we usually eat during lunch, congratulations! You're in the right path. Hehe!

Last Thursday's perfect attendance brought us to a mini-photoshoot! Everybody was there! I'm so happy to have been working with these guys, they really make life easier! 

Nico Joseph Jay Monica Abby Chu Marianney

If we only report to Broadway everyday, everyday we'll be eating SHAWARMA RICE. (And Pot Dog. And have some Sereniteas delivered.)

Jay's dreaming. Nico's bearding. Monica's glowing. Abby's leaning. Marianney's smiling. 

We've been through a lot lately but I'm glad that we're better than ever. (Missing Minna and Iya so bad though. :/)

Can't wait to see them all tomorrow for another breaktime full of memories and fun! 


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