Friday, September 21, 2012

A Month of Sundays via Instagam

Unbelievable. Nine days to go before we bid September goodbye and  I only have one post for this month. 

I want to blame our super not trusty and rusty wifi connection at home (ANO BAYAN?) because everytime I start composing my thoughts, it always says "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again." I can't help not to ignore the warning. It's too discouraging. Next thing I know, I already closed the window and move on with my life. 


I'm so trying my best not to click the upper red x of my browser as I continue typing this message of dismay...

Never mind. Let's get moving. I just want to make up and share what kept me busy during the days I missed blogging. Thank heavens for Instagram, I'm still capable of supporting my stories with photos of wonder moments and nonsenses. 

Monthly Period, September 2012 :)

Lunch out with cousins during the Grandparents' Day.

I have countless lunch-dinner dates with Monica lately. Here we are dining in at Bai Yok, an "authentic" Thai cuisine. 

We went to Century Park Hotel last week for a gown-fitting with the family. With me were my ever so supportive sisters!

Minna might curse me for reposting this but I don't care. I hate to say this but I guess this will be our last (complete) group shot for now. </3

Monica and I Freyja-d once again. We love Freyja! Story behind this photo soon. :)

That's all for now. It breaks my heart to see only a couple of entries this September.. I promise to try my best to at least make it five. If you have any suggestions or requests (hahaha feel ko lang) on what you want me to write, just tweet, email or send me a message anywhere. You may also leave a comment below.

Have a happy weekend!


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