Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Magic Stays With You

Last Sunday, February 20, my cousins and I had our first ever trip without our parents (except for Tita Mercy and Granny who took care of their grandchildren) at Enchanted Kingdom. Coolness, we got 4 silver cars in convoy on our way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Yaaay so much for that freedom! We love going to EK because we always go there for free since 1997!! Thank you, Tita Baby!

I've got a lot of pictures to share because my sister is such a genius photographer! I love all the pictures she took effortlessly! 

Chuck Taylor models.
It's our first time together there! I promised myself that I'd only ride Anchors Away with Paolo so there's going to be someone I can hug, pinch and punch! Hahaha! He borrowed Ate Mai's Chucks because he stayed at home straight from Pangasinan. Good thing he's got some clothes in my closet. 

My cousins and pamangkins. Too bad we're still incomplete! :(
Kuya CJ, Ate Mai, Kuya Mags, Sam, Marga, Symon, Kuya Archie, Jeric, Miming, Kuya Renz, me, Roddick and Luis. I really love this picture! I wish my other cousins from Cavite, Canada and the US were there with us! 

Only middle children can get iPhone 4 in our family! Hahaha!

Me, Aieen and Kuya Renz showing off our i4s!
Please don't get offended, this is only a family joke! :) But we definitely love the fact that we, the pangalawas, have beaten our Ates and Kuyas in getting the Smartphone that changes everything, again. Hahaha!!!

Luis and Jeric.
Our Soysoys (shortcut for bunsoys) are so big now that it makes me sad! I look to them as if they're only toddlers who love to play Power Rangers. They're the youngest in the group and will be finishing college next year with my youngest sis. We grew up altogether in a compound so we treat each other not only as cousins but as real brothers and sisters! <3

Flying Fiesta, my favorite ride.
If you know me so well, you'd know that I have fear of heights (or fear of falling, perhaps?) and being in such a high place gives me a strange feeling. But this one's an exemption! I'm flying!!! 

Rialto. Now showing: Happy Feet.
When you're in EK, this is mandatory, at least for us! Broadway-ish feel, right?

I used to call Mr. Enchanted Kingdom, "MERLIN".
Remember The Grand Wizard Merlin of Starla (Jewel Riders) aired in GMA? I thought it's him! Btw, the girl in white who smiled with me, is pretty, right? She's not my cousin but she looks like one! Hehe!

That's me in the red heart mark--a proof that I rode this #$%^&*# ride! It's my second time to ride there, first time was with Jovy. And now that Pao's there, I gave my cousins my nod! Whatta ride!!! It just cleared my lungs, mehn!

DODGEM. We'll forever love bumper cars!
 Like Flying Fiesta, Dodgem's always a must whenever we visit EK!

Raid, raid, raid!!!
We promise not to pee again anywhere else! Hahaha! While waiting for our Rialto turn, we had some sort of JUACKEE pictorial outside to beat the heat away!

Remember this pose I did when we went to EK last November?

May kapatid na sya!

Marianne Marcial does that! You know who's to blame right? In case you don't know, his name is Gian Paolo Gancia.

THAT'S THEM! Homaygolly, Space Shuttle!
I salute everyone who's got the POWERRRR and COURAAAAAAGE to ride the Space Shuttle! Kayo na! Kayo na talaga! Pati yung mga nagbabayad sa EKstreme, kayo na talaga!

My little princesses Reesha and Sam.
Soaking wet after Rio Grande and while waiting for the fireworks display to start, I babysat these two little girls.

Oh baby, baby, baby.. F4 Meteor Garden. That's Pao, me, Roddick and Miming watching the fireworks.
I riri, riri, riri rike this! I hope EK's fireworks can be as great as Disneyland's! But this one's nice, anyway especially the photo! ☺

Pao and I really enjoyed our EK together!
I felt like a little child again because of this magical experience! No matter how old Enchanted Kingdom is, it never fails to enchant me! Indeed, the magic stays with me!

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