Friday, February 25, 2011

The Hub at Marriott Hotel, and its Opera Slice too.

It's my nth time to be at the Marriott Hotel and I'm proud to say that in these n times, I always go there only to eat for free! :) 

Marriott Hotel Philippines opened on the last quarter of 2009 and is located at the country's newest entertainment capital, Resorts World Manila. Although I haven't experienced an overnight stay here yet (by the way, this is A hotel), I always feel like a VIP. Special thanks to its Marketing Communications Manager, Michelle Garcia. Ate Mitch, as I fondly call this hotel executive, is my sister's good friend since high school. CLICK HERE to read a Philippine Star article featuring her.

She invited me for a lunch some time last year at The Marriott Cafe. For me, it's Marriott's version of Sofitel's Spiral--world cuisines and buffet. It was my first time there and I promised her a blog entry about its food because I was TOTALLY IN LOVE with the cafe's Tres leches. The Marriott Cafe's Tres leches is beyond Upper East's because I once thought it was the best. I failed to update my Tumblog though. It's not only Tres leches that I'm raving about.. JAPANESE BUFFET IS TO DIE FOR AS WELL!

And when TV5 Manila held its 1st Creative Summit last December 2010, I got a chance to go back to Marriott Hotel again. It's a whole day event according to my colleagues so I expected breakfast, buffet lunch and  afternoon snacks. Bundled with my expectation was my dearest Tres leches. Yeheeeeey! And yeheeeeey not! There's no Tres leches in the desserts area. Quite disappointed but to my surprise, I discovered my newest addiction--the Opera slice. ♥

Clockwise from left: New York cheesecake, THE OPERA SLICE, Cappuccino chocolate mousse and Chocolate tiramisu.
Excuse my food photography incompetency, the food might not look very yummy! Plus, I just used my iPhone 4's camera. Hehe.

OPERA SLICE is the best dessert ever created by a pastry chef for a sweet-tooth like me! But don't expect it to be super sweet like it's gonna hurt your throat. Its taste is nothing but perfect, an A+, 5-star. I can't explain well how it tastes like, your tastebuds must be the judge! I can eat this forever. I can eat 4 slices in a minute. I can trade this with any dessert in the world (even Bizu's French macaroons)!!! That's how great THE Opera slice is!!

And to also fulfill the vow I made during the first summit.. (let me refresh your memory cards with this:)

And I guess it's also time to fulfill my promise to Ate Mitch and to convince you, my ever dearest and loving readers, to have a taste of Marriott Hotel's finest cuisines.. here's what I ate yesterday during the 2nd TV5 Creative Summit:

SOUP: Tuscan vegetable soup with sage.
APPETIZER & SALADS: Tomato and mozzarella with pesto, Grilled mushroom with lemon dressing, Malaysian gado-gado with Parmesan cheese and Chinese barbecue combination platter.
HOT: Fried rice Thai style, Beef lasagna in Provencal sauce, Cajun spiced chicken breast with pumpkin and cherry tomatoes and Pan-fried snapper fillet with wok fried spinach and black bean sauce.
I'm really wishing I have a buddy who's got talent in food photography. I really look up to Anton Diaz and Lori Baltazar because they can turn the pictures into almost-real food. But anyway, it won't stop me from whatever I'm doing. :)

Dinner last night, I had Fennel and citrus salad with grilled scallops, Thai sliced beef salad, Smoked salmon with pickle onions, Roasted beef tenderloin on mushroom ragout and sauteed bell peppers, Roasted chicken Spanish style and Baked lamb leg garlic and rosemary. I was kind of tempted to try the soup--Tom yum goong (spicy lemon grass soup with shrimp) but I know it's spicy. Sayang naman. And then for dessert: Yoghurt Panna cotta, Pecan maple syrup tart and of course, Opera slice again. 

For drinks, I had a glass of cold house tea during lunch and an apple juice at night. I also ordered a cup of chamomile tea because of Opera slice overdose. I didn't realize it's going to be a long night, we ended up drinking red wine, champagne and beer with TV5 EVP and COO, Mr. Bobby Barreiro, Head of Broadcast Operations (aka my TV5 big daddy and immediate superior) Atty. Dan De Padua, Unitel President Mr. Tony Gloria and my fellow ladies Ate Badeth, Mommy Rissa, Trina, Lisa and Tina. :) 

I no longer took pictures last night because I'm shy to bring out my camera in front of our bosses but the dinner is super delicious, most especially the Baked lamb leg. I riri, riri rike it!

Visit Marriott Hotel today! No need to stay overnight, just eat! Velocity Bar is also an option on where to drink the night away (plus good music) because The Hub closes at 9:00 PM. Call 988-9999 or visit their website for more details.

RATING: ★★★★★

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