Friday, February 18, 2011

What's the best cleansing oil in the world?

Yours truly is a fan of make-ups just like any other ordinary girl. Top favorites are Shu Uemura, MAC, Nars and Bloom and cheaper but very good ones like L'oreal, Maybelline and Etude House. I'm also glad that I have "suppliers" aka relatives abroad of brands like Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique. Although I love makeups, my everyday makeup wear only includes light foundation (L'oreal True Match), blush-on (Nars Orgasm) and lip gloss (Maybelline Lip Smooth Color). Eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadow and such are only reserved for special occasions! 

Some chances require heavy (i.e. modeling) to medium (i.e. weddings, debut parties). AT ITO ANG PUYATAN MOMENTS. The moment we get home, we just want to lie on our beds and sleep without removing our makeups at all. And then the next morning, we welcome little itchy spots on our face, thus regret. I was once like this. Haha. 

One night, when my friends Toto and Mia accompanied me to attend Dream FM's Pampering Dreams event in The Fort, we were quite surprised to see free MOs by artists from PAC, The Face Shop, etc so Mia and I never hesitated to sign up.

Here I was, getting ready for the MO!
Mia being revamped.
My favorite shot of Mia.
The eyeshadow and me.
Very nice makeup artist from PAC.
 I enjoyed the makeover session but I honestly didn't like the makeup! It made me look more matured. Maybe because of the contouring effect?

No more pa-tweetums look. Lol.
 When we're done with some of the pampering activities, we rushed to my favorite Sonja's Cupcakes in Serendra and introduced the yummy cupcakes of Ms. Ocampo to my wonderful friends.

While waiting for our orders, I felt the urge to remove my makeup there!

Me no likey! :s
Good thing I have the best cleansing oil in the world!
This is the best cleansing oil in the world. Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, Daphne Osena-Paez, Jenni Epperson, Ruffa Gutierrez, Gretchen Barretto are some of the beauty icons who swear by this product! And I'm one of them! Chos.

It is a gentle yet effective oil-based cleanser Mr. Shu Uemura himself discovered in 1950s. Imagine the Kabuki actors with their real heavy white makeups? They use this product to remove it! How guhreaaat! 

Shu Uemura cleansing oils are formulated with exclusive High Performance Oil system making optical makeup and impurity removal perfect. Even the waterproof ones can be easily washed. 

As Shu Uemura says it, "Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin." Para saan pa ang makeup kung masisira din ang ating balat, hindi ba? It's also nice to know that they offer an extensive range for all skin needs that will match our skin conditions!

Proud to say that my sister gave me all (HAAAAA) varieties:

1. HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL ADVANCED FORMULA - For all skin conditions. I use this one regularly.

2. HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL FRESH - For combination to oily conditions.


4. CLEANSING BEAUTY OIL PREMIUM A/O - For aging. I haven't tried this one yet. Maybe when I turn 23? Hehe.

5. CLEANSING BEAUTY OIL PREMIUM A/I - For sensitive skin. I also use this.

6. BRIGHTENING CLEANSING OIL - For dull skin. This one too, I use!

The product is quite expensive but it's all worth it! Its purpose is not only to remove makeup but it also has other beneficial properties for a well, moisture-balanced skin.

Where to buy: Rustan's Glorietta 4, Makati; Rustan's Shangri-La. 


  1. great post! thanks for the tip : ) i'm always looking for a better product to remove makeup.

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