Thursday, February 17, 2011

GOTH to Believe

I've always wanted to have "dark, round eyes" because most strangers say I look like a (a) Korean, (b) Japanese or (c) Chinese. My peg is Penelope Cruz during her MNG days. Her eyes are very beautiful. I wish mine were like hers. 

 I tried to imitate her eyes but I often end up looking like a battered woman with A BLACK EYE. 

Here's one of my few attempts:

My Blogger and LookBook profile picture.
Heavy eyeliner and super dark eyeshadow made my eyes look bigger. Sorry, this is an edited picture I grabbed from my Multiply account. I don't have a copy of the original one anymore. I am so proud of myself that I have finally achieved this without the idea of "just got punched by someone" look. *clap-clap*

And then a year after, I modeled for Icko de Jesus, one of the coolest photographers I know. He just made my dream of having dark eyes come true! Make-up by Monique Ruiz. Styling by me. So goth!


See? Finally, dark eyes! GOTH to believe in the magic of make up! I also want to mention that the location of our shoot is a cemetery! O diba, so tapang of us three! 

How about you, what look do you want to achieve? :)

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