Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back Acne, Goodbye!

You saw a beautiful LBD in your favorite store and you know it's gonna look awesome on you. You picked your size and when you were about to fit it in, oops! Backless. So what if it's backless, wouldn't it look like a little sexier? Yes, sexier.. but you have a wide collection of annoying zits on your back that even the perfect concealer can never conceal. Sadness.

I was once like that. I've let go of several backless and  plunging back dresses and tops because I couldn't imagine baring my back at all. Whenever I went to the beach and bun my hair up, I felt very embarrassed. When I got my Ballerina tat I felt like Joe was like in "Eew!" because it was so rough! 

Back acne, also known as bacne, is caused by clogged pores with excess oil and dead skin cells that attract bacteria. One of the reasons I thought that caused my bacne was my long hair so I was tempted to have it cut last January 2010 thinking my bacne would also go away. But I'm wrong. I also changed my shampoo and conditioner because I read somewhere that shampoos and conditioners have chemicals which are too strong for our skin. For the second time, I got a big NO.

But one Sunday changed my life. My Dad, my younger sister and I dropped by Watson's to buy something we didn't find in the supermarket. I stumbled upon a white box named Acne Aid. It caught my attention because it bears the word acne and without any hesitation, I bought it.

Acne-Aid Cleansing Bar by Stiefel
 Believe it or not, in as fast as two weeks, my bacne are all gone! It even washed away the scars that remind me that I used to have bacne! Like Cetaphil, it has no perfume, color and abrasive and is safe to use daily. I use it everyday (only for my back though, I still use Dove/Olay/Body Shop for the rest of my body) and a bar lasts for three months. 

Still unconvinced? Look at this picture:

DYAHE TO DEATH. I can't tie my hair because people might see it. I can't let my hair down because it was irritating.

And 6 months after using Acne Aid:

Take a closer look at my picture, do you see any signs of bacne? :)

So if you're worried about your bacne, go to the nearest Watson's or Mercury Drug and buy your own Acne Aid! For only P168/bar, who needs Belo or Calayan? I believe it's also safe for facial use! So sulit!

Acne Aid works wonders!! I promise! And yes, you can buy that LBD! Who knows it's already for sale? :)


  1. Hello, i stumble upon your blog and u recommended the bar :D .. is there any specfic steps on how to use it,,,or can u share your steps to using it on how u made your bacne dissapear so fast and getting the smoooth skin :D

    , did u use loofah? did u use cold or hot water, can u use body scrub before or u just use it on its on to make the bacne go away :D . Thanks alot for your help :D

  2. Hi there! I just use it the normal way, no loofah, sponge or whatever. It's like washing my back with a regular soap and both tried rinsing it with hot and cold water. :)

    Hope this helps you! I highly recommend it! Aside from keeping the bacne away, it also prevents them from coming back :)

  3. Hey I have been using the acne aid cleansing bar for nearing 2 months i do see slight improvement but I still have bacne on me .. Is this normal ? Do I have to use the bar till 6 months before I can see the entire effect on me ? Thanks !

  4. Acne Aid took effect on me on the first month of using it. How about your hair? Shampoos and conditioners also cause bacne.

    Leave the lather for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. I hope this one works. And oh, don't rub your back with a towel. Let it dry by itself. That's what I do. :)

  5. Ok shall try your method, hope it works for me ! Thanks ! :)

  6. hello! just curious,do you still use acne aid up to now? do you still get breakouts?i really want to try acne aid.hope u can reply.Thanks!

    1. Hello! Yes, I still use Acne Aid until now. I no longer get breakouts but I once noticed that when I skip using it even for a week, small spots start to appear so I make sure to always have stocks on hand. :)

  7. thanks for replying! i will definitely try it! thank you so much! God bless! :*