Friday, March 25, 2011

I am happy. I am a Kapatid. I am happy I am a Kapatid.

Title by Atty. Dan Albert De Padua, my boss.

It's my first year in TV5, my first year as a Kapatid, my first year as a part of the country's fastest growing network. I can still remember how I've gone through a series of interviews by 1.) an HR assistant, 2.) the HR Head and 3.) my immediate boss. I was hired a week after I submitted my CV. That was fast!

The TV5 logo that says, "Para Sa'yo Kapatid", my local version of Eiffel Tower aka our transmitter and our building (which is now red).

It's in TV5 where I met new good friends, down-to-earth bosses and "ordinary" celebrities. These people are my new family, regardless of our ranking, salary alignment and entitlement. 

Have you ever noticed how we ranked up from last year and top-billed weekend programs like Talentadong Pinoy and Laugh Out Loud? That there's no longer duopoly in Philippine free TV, but there are actually three top broadcasting companies today? After all, when you're asked a simple math equation like seven minus two, the difference is five. ☺

My circle of friends from different departments: 1.) Ate Virgie, Mama Rissa, Ms. Chiqui, Ate Badeth and Nanay Lisa 2.) Girlie and Kim 3.) Ian 4.) Trish 5.) Apryl 6.) Lui and 7.) Kuya Joey. 

The TV5 Executives, my bosses. Our bosses. People I look up to. Maybe someday I'll be like them. But what really makes me look up to them big time is that they're all down-to-earth! They're no monsters! Very approachable and all fatherly! ☺ 1.) Mr. Emmanuel Faraon, Head of IT Operations 2.) Mr. Perci Intalan, Head of Entertainment 3.) Engr. Dennis Carandang, Head of Network Engineering 4.) Mr. Benjie Fernandez, Chief Information & Technology Officer 5.) Atty. Dan De Padua, Head of Broadcast Operations 6.) Mr. Bobby Barreiro, Chief Operating Officer and last but not the least, 7.) Mr. Manny Pangilinan, Chairman of the Board aka owner of TV5.

In all honesty, despite the fact that I am a Mara Clara fan, I am really, really proud to be a Kapatid. Really, really, really proud! 

My red balloons say it all!

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