Friday, March 25, 2011

"I know I will hear what I've heard before.."

My Friday morning started unusually. Before I go to sleep last night, I know it's fever. The symptoms: clogged/runny nose, heavy head, hot eyes and breath, sore throat. But this won't stop me from going to work. It's the first day of MVP Olympics, a mark of my anniversary being a Kapatid. Still a good start, though.
But what really made my Friday morning is a tagged link from my GBF, Toto. It's a reunion of my super-duper-mega-ultimate-insert-whatever-superlative-word-you-know-here favorite musical, The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer aka Fraulein Maria and The Captain Von Trapp with The Von Trapp children reunited after 45 years in Oprah. ♥

It's a late notice because it took place October last year. But still... you know what I mean. I am deeply affected seeing them together again. I will always and forever love this movie.

I enjoyed going over each link. If you're a big fan, you'll feel me. It's like Blair Waldorf dreaming about Audrey Hepburn. I even took the The Sound of Music trivia test and I scored 7/10. Call me crazy but I'm close to tears while watching this.

I told you about watching this when I was 5. And being a singer by default (ANODAW?!), I played the role of Julie Andrews when I was a Junior high. Won the local Oscars--Best Musical Play, Best Actress and Best Director (HAHAHA!) just like them bagging 5 Oscar awards.

The grand opening. "The hills are alive with the sound of music..."

Mother Superior and the nuns being problematic about Maria! How do you really solve a problem like her? :p

And who can never forget about this scene? The Leisl and Rolf love team is one of the reasons why I'd always go back to the feeling of being 16 (going on 17) years old.

 "When the dog bites.. God bites!"

I believe this is the highlight of the movie. Do-Re-Mi, anyone? I swear, when the time comes I'm going to have my own children, I will teach them this song. Teaching them how to play the guitar is another story, for I have faked strumming that instrument.

"So Long, Farewell" is a favorite. We really enjoyed rehearsing this song and dance number. Cuckoo!!

And last but not the least, another rendition of "So Long, Farewell" by the whole family before The Captain sang "Edelweiss". And closed the movie with "Climb Every Mountain".

I hope you find the pictures comparable with each other. Click here to view more photos from our play. The backdrops were slightly disorganized because of time pressure. And please, don't ask how I sang the songs! ☺

I just heard what I heard before... The hills are alive once more! Thanks, Oprah!

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