Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good...

It's a healed memory. Upon seeing her face, I know my heart skipped a beat for a second. It was another unexpected moment, no point in turning back.

If you're a close friend of mine or at least an avid reader/follower (if there's such thing applicable to a no celebrity like me), you'd know I had a major! major! issue with my friend Rachel. I don't want to bring it up again. As I've said, it's a healed memory, it's all in the past.

When I saw Rachel last January in TriNoma, we greeted and kissed each other but we didn't have the chance to talk about serious matters then. We've started chatting/texting again just this month--just when we felt we're both ready to face each other after a year.

Surprisingly, Pao and I saw her with my other friends Kim and Pia when we had dinner last night. It was actually Pao who first saw her and he stepped back when he saw familiar faces. I asked him why and when he answered me, I told him to go along. He asked if it's fine with me, I asked him back. He said he's fine, he's already fine, so I said, "Then there's no problem!"

We took the table next to them. At first, we just kissed, said hi and ate. That's until I called Kim and told her to move closer. We're in joined tables and we're finally sharing stories and planning new sessions. 

Finally! We have new pictures now! After a year of transition, moving on, coping up and acceptance, last night was the perfect time to forgive and forget.

These were the most recent before last night happened:

And this:

Oh, Rachel! If you only knew how much I missed you!!! We're grown-ups now. Looking forward to our next adventures. Sarah Geronimo x Cristine Reyes / Mariel Rodriguez x Toni Gonzaga no more. I love you!!! :* 

Ang sarap-sarap sa pakiramdam! Ang gaan-gaan ng feeling! I can no longer hold the poison, the grudge inside. Forgetting the past and forgiving those who have hurt us, unintentionally or not, is the next best feeling in the world. Especially this person is not an ordinary person. She's my friend. We've both moved on, we've learned our lesson. We'll laugh this off together. 


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