Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Get Nautical

Aside from going gaga over animal-printed stuff, I recently realized my love for anything nautical. But this nautical brainwave of mine wants to keep it subtle coz I don't want to look like Popeye! Haha. As long as there's stripes in navy blue and red with gold accents or anchors and gold buttons and ropes, it's good to go. 

Swimwear designed by Che of Nui Clothing. Wore this when I modeled for Us Girls. Ang payat ko pa dyan no?

 Che gave me a pair very similar to what I used for modeling. Wore this last summer in Subic. Can you see the difference? The first one has gold button details while this one has wooden rings. 

One of my many favorite tops. Bought this with my GBF Toto.

A Maldita dress (used as a top) Us Girls gave me. I've been using this for years!!! See, striped ones never go out of style! Plus hype on that red Hello Kitty flats!

On my recent trip to Guimaras, I fell in love with this high-waist shorts with a brown rope belt for free. The color, the button details and the belt make it so nautical!

My Topshop mini-dress (used as a top) worn with a navy blue vest with gold details.

Expect to see me in a lot of nautical-inspired looks this summer. It's like everyone here at work and at home yell at me whenever they see stuff with animal prints on it. Be it zebra, leopard or snake, they call me. Let's see if these darlings will also get my attention for this nautical attribute.

Btw, these are the things I found at Polyvore. I know where to buy local versions of these items--SM Department Store! ♥ Sponsors, anyone? :)