Monday, March 28, 2011

That Girl: Georgia Mallari

I met her when I was in grade school. She's famous for being a girl scout patrol leader/officer when I started scouting, she's a dancer (if you're a dancer during grade school YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! Ehem, ehem.), a student council officer, she's in the star section and an honor student.
She took up Psychology at Mapua Institute of Technology. Her Mom is friends with my Mom, her brother was my cousin's classmate and her youngest sister is a friend of mine as well. I used to spend my younger days at their house so she isn't really a new girl in my Facebook wall.

She is your girl across the street (coz she's not your typical girl-next-door). Or should I say the girl-next-the-beach? Haha! George goes to parties, drinks (and smokes?) and hits the beach regularly. This Geneva Cruz doppelganger also wants to get a tat and once asked me to accompany her. Unfortunately, we didn't push through with the plan which is so last September but I guess we can have it done this time since she's back from her recent Singapore trip/stay! :)

Her swimwears that spell attitude. Can you hand me down that green polka dot bikini?

She does camwhoring like everyone else and yes, she emotes well! Pretty!

She's got edited pictures too...

And she dresses well.


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