Friday, February 11, 2011

Beach-a By Golly Wow!

I can't seem to move on about Iloilo/Guimaras.. believe me, I still wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy I'm still in the beach. And I want to avoid the umay factor because of too much posts about this place (sorry I really just can't help it), so I will try to make this the last, at least for this week. Hehe. 

Btw, I am happy about getting good feedback about my polka-hearts fuchsia pink bikini and my Jerks ♥ Me hoodie shirt. As I've said, the polka-hearts bikini is not polka-dots and that the color is fuchsia pink, not red. :p

Here are some my outfits during our stay. You can click on the images to enlarge.

Jerks ♥ Me hoodie shirt, Topshop denim shirts, personalized vintage snaked-skin sunglasses, zebra-printed bag, Havaianas Top.
Above is my "arrival" getup. I chose to wear something comfortable to avoid the "Who's-that-girl-and-where-is-she-coming-from?" stare. I also wanted to feel good while leaving Manila. We just took a cabbie to the airport, so this one's safe.

Floral dress from Landmark Department Store, Zara shoulder bag.
Wore this during our island hopping activity, instead of wearing a cover-up for a major, major change! I thought of having a photo-op by the sunset while wearing a long, floral dress in the beach as inspired by my cousin's wedding pic HERE. I failed because I forgot.

Topshop twist bandeau bikini top and pant in baby pink and lavender.
I decided to wear this strapless bikini top because I was too shy to wear this in the resort where we stayed. Paolo and the two boat men were only the few ones to see me wearing this in flesh. Hehe.

Topshop triangle bikini and pant with ruffles and heart embroideries in fuchsia pink.
 Scared of having a wardrobe malfunction (and nip slip), I wore this when I took a dip in the sea. I am really happy that I got these two pairs of bikinis for sale last January 14. Good times!

Topman plain white tee, and navy-inspired high waist shorts from Landmark Department Store.
This outfit made me feel more relaxed while going around Iloilo City and carrying a bunch of big bags and bayongs at the same time! I also anticipated tricycle rides so this is really perfect!

Until my next trip! :)

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