Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wall Photo

I found a set of photos in my phone's camera roll and noticed that my usual backdrop is... a wall just a few steps away from my work station. I like taking my pictures against it because of its color that always gets along with anything I wear. Not to mention the off-white carpet that's perfectly fine as well.

But oh, I decided to edit this set in black and white for more drama. I had these taken last Friday, when I got in to the office earlier than my usual arrival, with my "fresh-from-home" look + wet hair and newly-applied makeup. Forgive me for my lack of good posture, though.

I also tried to imitate THE Divine Lee's pose, crossover. I had a hard time striking it because my legs are "sakang" hehe but at least I tried! I did not, also, succeed imitating her fierce face. No inner beckiness in me!

I subtly did it for the second time, but I tell you that the main purpose of this pose is to show you my wrist tattoo! Next to my wrist tattoo is my hair which is longer now. Yahoo! But even though it looks thick, I don't plan to have it cut because I have better plans for it. Waiting is quite painful but eventually, my hair will be va-va-vooooom! High hopes, high hopes!

My last attempt to crossover FAILED because of my jeans. It's a high-waist pair but it looked like a harem one in this photo! I also looked shorter (hmpppppppp)! Omg why.

Moving on... My Primadonna clogs are extreeeeemely comfortable, it's like you're wearing ballet flats! It's super light, soft and I bet I can run while wearing it. I love Primadonna shoes! ♥

Nautical top: tiangge | High waist jeans: Jag Jeans | Clogs: Primadonna


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