Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Baby Shower Story

We had a baby shower for my dear friend, colleague and seatmate Tin last Thursday. It wasn't a surprise bash, actually. We all thought of celebrating at Bigoli so I recommended the other branch in The Annex where there's no too much crowd compared to the one in TriNoma. Little did we know that the branch was already pulled out (maybe because there's no too much crowd?) and nobody ever thought of calling The Annex to have a table reserved for fifteen ladies. And since a pregnant woman is a pregnant woman, and most of the time, a pregnant woman should be obeyed most of the time, we went to Pizza Hut to fulfill her pizza and pasta craving. End of story.


Welcome to Pizza Hut, The Annex!

After minutes of walking around The Annex, Pizza Hut's probably the only place to offer good food and value for money for a group like ours. By the way, before I go on with my story, let me introduce you my TV5 Kapatids, majority from the Network Engineering department where the very-soon-to-be-mommy belongs.

Twas a rainy evening, hence a moist-y photo! =D

Now back to Tin's baby shower! We're all giddy about the venue's promo for a big group. And of course, very happy for Tin who's giving birth in two weeks. She's one of the few pregnant women I've seen without losing her aura and grace, and even glowed better than ever despite her baby bump growth.

"Tyang Yannie and Mommy Tin" a la Kumare Club!

The celebration also brought me and my other colleagues of the same department to bond with the ladies of Engineering. Everyone knows how cheerful I am even if I was still in school but... you know, you can't be friends with everyone so I'm happy to gain new friends after spending an unforgettable night with them.

 New friend: Brigitte!

My matagal nang friends: (Ate Virgie with Brigitte), Tin, Jen and Wheng.

The baby shower was close to perfection because of non-stop laughing and laughing hardcore about Wheng's bangs, Brigitte's craziness, Tin and Ate Virgie's curvaceous curls, our makeup, Kim's Mango Bravo treat fresh from Conti's and the opening of the gifts. Not to mention the foods served, the Pizza Hut way so the official photographer, Bunso, captured many moments of me busy eating.

I always tend to pout when I'm not picture-ready.

In brief explanation why my plate's super empty!

Then I realized we all had empty plates!

Before. After--above!

One of the highlights of the baby shower, is of course, the opening of the gifts to symbolize the baby boy's coming. My gift? None pa, but I already know what to give her because Tin personally requested for it.

Baby must-haves for mommies!

A fun night, indeed! Until we discovered an unwanted creature lying down on the serving plate of Pizza Hut's New Orleans chicken. I'd rather not talk about it anymore (but I tweeted about that on the same night we were engaged in this kind of unsanitary and awful incident). Still, I'm crossing my fingers for Pizza Hut to investigate on this matter.

Anyway, Tin's maternity leave will start on Monday. Meaning, she'll be back on track after two months. I'll be missing her and her jokes but I'm beyond excited to see her cuddling her little boy in her arms. I'll be praying for her safe delivery and all the best for her baby!


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