Monday, December 31, 2012

A Dozen of '12

Making a year-end blog post is exciting when in the shower but when I'm already in front of the computer, everything in my mind just disappears. I can't think of any cool idea to start this, I'm having a hard time. Whenever I ask myself what's the biggest thing happened this year, I only have one answer--having a baby! 

But for the purpose of joining the bandwagon (hahaha), I'm listing the twelve big things I'm thankful for this oh-twelve. And I'm serious, this isn't just for the purpose of joining the bandwagon coz it's always fun reminiscing. It reminds us (or explains) why we are here NOW. 

Here's a monthly calendar view of the year's highlights --

New Years Eve with the family. Shining, shimmering theme. And other Christmas events last 2011.

Paolo and I's eighth year together as a couple.

My first summer trip with my bibes Susie, Kim E. and Doms. There's a kind of hush! :)

It's a rare opportunity to party with TV5 Executives, I feel so honored to share this photo with them. I miss these people already!

Do I need to explain why? I SAW LEIGHTON MEESTER IN REAL LIFE. 

My 24th birthday celebration, meowed!

My favorite tea place opened in the country, and it's right beside our office building in The Fort.

I got to cross this out from my 2012 to-do lists: go to Little Tokyo!

The last event of the year I attended with my BFF Monica and Derek Ramsay was a freebie.

This is the first time I'm posting a copy of my ultrasound last October, when I found out that we'll be soon having a little one. That's my 7-week baby. :)

I got engaged to my 8-year boyfriend, who's now my fiance. <3

My Christmas gift wish is to have a French bulldog and voila! Pao and I bought one. Meet Tofu, everyone!

There are other many things that I'm really thankful for this 2012--a complete (and growing bigger) family, a company of good friends, healthy career and more. Lord has indeed showered us with blessings and I couldn't ask for more. Looking forward to 2013, I'll have our baby in our hands and I vow to take good care of him/her. I'll be a good mother like how my mother raised me and I will surround him with inspiring, happy people who are also surrounding him now.

I may not be able to completely cross out all my to-do list for 2012 but there's this mini-me who changed my life, the way I view and live it and I'm really excited to start my journey with the family I call my own.

Happy new year, everyone! Here's to another blessed, happy and peaceful 2013! Cheers!


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