Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Dozen of Kimmie Ice Cream

They say you can't choose friends. But in my case, I choose my friends. Why? Life can be much, much easier to live with people who share similar interests as yours. Differences are good, I know, but sometimes, a friend who agrees with you most of the time is better. 

For example, my good girl friend Kim and I share a looot of favorite things:

 1. Going to the beach. We've been to Boracay, Bohol, Pagudpud, Batangas. And I chose this pic coz this is the safest for public viewing. Haha! At Boracay, September 2006.
2. Spending "after school hours" in the mall to waste money and gain calories! At Seattle's Best, The Block, Summer Class 2007.

3. Being jologs about everything, as long as we get a good picture together (i.e. holding flowers and doing a "hand gun" gesture). At Angono, Rizal, Summer Tour 2007.

4. Beating the odds just to be in the same group where your good friends are. In that way, school works become bonding moments! At Makati Shangrila Hotel, July 2007.

5. Dancing anywhere, we don't care. That's me in white, ready to fly and Kim's in yellow, on the climax of her tumbling stunts. Haha. At FEU Freedom Park, Summer Class 2008.

6. Wearing dresses in a theme park. Statement. At Enchanted Kingdom, September 2008.

7. Going out of the country. It's everyone's desire, but we were so serious about traveling that we took up Tourism. At Hong Kong, November 2008.

8. Taking pictures in front of the mirror. It's foolish to hear a girl say she haven't tried doing this in her life. Lol. At Intramuros, April 2009.

9. Modeling together just like Tricia Gosingtian and Crissey Si aka Trissey. At Hair Shaft, The Fort, July 2009.

10. Getting new hairstyles from a prestigious salon. It's a girl's best friend, not to mention if it's for free! At Phillip Louis Kee Salon, The Fort, January 2010.

 11. Attending birthday parties, Christmas parties and all kinds of parties and getting drunk. I'm kidding. And kidding. :)) At Meatshop, Katipunan, March 2010.

 12. Finishing college together. From uniform to dresses to toga. Although graduating isn't considered as a favorite hobby, this becomes a favorite personal favorite. At PICC Plenary Hall, April 2010.

There's even more than a dozen of shared favorite things with Kim. That's one of the reasons why I chose her to be my friend, my sister. The possibilities are endless. And entire Blogspot wouldn't be enough to enumerate all good things in life about our rollercoaster friendship. 

Dear Kimmie,

Happy 22nd birthday! I pray for all your heart's desires. I may not be a perfect friend and we no longer hangout like we used to do before, but I want you to know that you're one of the pieces that make my life complete and that I'm still, and always, here for you. Cheers to our 5 years of friendship! I love you.

Happy birthday again! Never let your ice cream melt, keep it freezing!


Yannie ♥ 

PS: Look at the pictures and see how we evolved from teenyboppers to drama queens! :D

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