Friday, February 04, 2011


Shameless plug: My boyfriend, whom you all know as Paolo, hehe, and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary this Sunday, February 6. 

I am so happy that even though we missed a year apart from each other, here we are, together again, ready to celebrate l-o-v-e! Heeeee, cheesy as Mr. Jones' Wicked Truffle Mac n Cheese (which I love), I'm giving the world a shout-out that yes, we're on our 7th year as a couple. 

And this year, we're going to somewhere else for a change since we have both finished college, earning our own money, and legally legal! Wohoo! :)


1. First  - Went to Galleria, had lunch in Greenwich and watched Racing Stripes. Haha, Racing Stripes because I used to crush on Mandy Moore. :) I will never forget how Paolo cried while eating, saying these words, "Hindi ako makapaniwala na aabot tayo sa ganito.." Haha, yes! I swear he said that!! :D

Haha we look so cheap! HAHAHA!

2. Second - Went to Glorietta, had lunch in Mangan and Pao gave me a pair of Havaianas High with heart prints as his gift. I also gave him a pair, which by the way he didn't use, because he doesn't like flipflops!

College days.. those days when I started using eyeliner. And him--gaining weight.

3. Third - Went again to Glorietta, had early dinner in Jollibee! Jollibee, because, we didn't have enough savings! And then after our dinner, we spent the night together in Greenbelt while eating Haagen Dazs ice cream. We also had our petty fight that day because he suddenly became quiet! I don't know what happened--I just walked out and found him looking for me somewhere near Chowking in Glorietta. Hehe.

4. Fourth - Since Ayala opened TriNoma up here in North, we skipped Glorietta! We had dinner in Pizza Hut and watched a movie--I can't recall if it's The Mist or The Happening, but I'm sure it's not The Ring or The Grudge. Hehe. This time, we no longer exchange gifts because to quote Pao, "Regalo na naka-4 years tayo." Again, believe it or not, he said that.. thru SMS nga lang. :P

Paolo's necklace creeps me out. Lol
 5. Fifth - We were both busy in college when we had our 5th anniversary, blame it to NSTP! Haha, we had dinner in Yellow Cab TriNoma. It was also raining cats and dogs on our way to the mall from school so during dinner time, we're both tired.

We looked like we're on an aging process. Heehee.

And then we didn't realize it was our last anniversary together.. 

6. Sixth - On our 6th year, we were apart. I'm on my own, his on his.  

But then, we didn't realize we're going to have another first, or the seventh.

7. Seventh - We're together again, and we're going to fly like Peter Pan and Wendy! 

This is the start of our 7 of forever. :)

And this makes me so proud and happy! 


  1. Hi Yanie, enjoy Guimaras!! And happy 7th! I'll link you in my blog ha :)

  2. hi marianne cant help but comment! congrats on your 7th year anniv, i heard you spent it at guimaras island cant wait to see your pix... i never thought our 7th year anniv is just months away from you guys, but we'll celebrate it as husband and wife hihihi hope to see you and paolo there! -manoy & ate ninay

  3. Thanks, Charm! Will also link yours to mine. :-)

  4. ATE NINAY! Thank you ♥ I'm looking forward to your very special day! I'm preparing my tears for that!! Thank you! And hopefully on our 10th, we'll get married too, pero we're not in a hurry naman. Hehe! :)