Friday, March 04, 2011

Kikay Everyday.

I'm in love with makeups, that's a fact. I buy a lot in different kinds, shades and brands but I get to use only a few! When my sister's friend started selling MAC, Clinique and Estee Lauder products, I became even more obsessed! Geez, I bought these:

All MAC! All from the US! All 60% off!
Yaay finally, my dream of collecting over a dozen of Shu Uemura and MAC items is coming true. It's so hard to be so kikay, and all girly and stuff because I don't know which to prioritize first--makeup, shoes, bags, clothes, plane tickets, food and it goes on..

Now I want to show off my "everyday makeup wear" to you, my beloved readers and followers. These are my face's daily essentials. I agree that a woman's more beautiful without makeup but I also agree that a woman is also much more beautiful if she knows how to enhance her beauty with the right makeup. The terms "Foundation Day" or "Kabuki" or "Chola" is actually fine with me. And I believe that MAKEUPS PROTECT OUR SKIN FROM POLLUTION, DIRT, ETC!" Of course that goes to proper application and knowing which brand to use and as long as it's suitable to your skin. Go ahead! Always remember what Nido says, "It pays to check the label!" :)

So now, what's in my kikay kit?

L'oreal True Match Nude Ivory foundation
Max Factor True Beige stick concealer
MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick
MAC Magenta lip liner
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited Candy Pink
Shu Uemura Nobara cream foundation/concealer
Nivea Med Protection lip balm
Nars Orgasm blush-on
Body Shop Raspberry Pink cheek blush (not in the picture)
Maybelline Lip Smooth Strawberry lip balm (not in the picture)
Estee Lauder brush (not in the picture)

That's just it, pancit! I'm saving my eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras for special occasions because if I wear them everyday, nobody will notice it. Parang walang bago. Hehe. :) And I also try to change my lip color at least every other week. This week, I opted for magenta (last week I used nude lippie from Nars and I wonder what's next). I use my lip liner as a lipstick then I finish it with a Candy Pink gloss. Wow, the effect is surprisingly awesome! Meanwhile, my Pink Nouveau is always with me for emergency/unplanned gimiks. During lazy days, I use Maybelline Lip Smooth for an instant lip color! I love how it soothes my superrrr sensitive lips while adding a hint of color. And since I have superrr sensitive lips, I always make sure that I'd initially apply Nivea Med Protection.

I'm definitely KISSING RAINBOWS! I so love being kikay everyday! Sarap maging maarte! ♥

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