Thursday, March 10, 2011

No-Grease Protection

Oops! It's not the kind of protection that you think. And Ayala Alabang approves of it! Hehe. :D

(Wet) Summer is here! Perfect time to hit the beach, lose some pounds and get the perfect tan! If you're a beach bum like me, you don't have to wait for SSS=S aka sand, sun and sea = summer! All year round, I make sure that I have all the things I need to bring whether a trip to the beach is planned or unplanned.

Number one item that you must not forget to bring is an SPF lotion. I love the sun as much as I love getting a tan but I am sure that you're all aware of getting a skin cancer if we leave our skin unprotected. Getting a tan also means that your skin will peel after few days of hanging out in the beach. AND THAT'S SOMETHING I CONSIDER CRUCIAL. It's so hard to apply makeup and it really makes our skin, most especially facial skin, dry. 

Another Shu Uemura product I adore...

Shu Uemura TTL Defender SPF 25 P++

This purplish product is a great protection from the sun's harmful rays leaving our skin soft! Not only considered as a beach buddy, it can be used as a makeup base too. Plus, it's not sticky that even after hours of direct exposure under the sun, you'll feel no eeek-y feeling! Kinda perfect for a tropical paradise like ours. :) 

Sadly, this sunscreen milk has been discontinued from Shu Uemura Skin Care line three years ago... But the best part about this sad part is that they created an all-new and improved replacement:

Shu Uemura UV Armor SPF 50+++

From SPF 25 to SPF 50, this product totally rocks! No purplish fluid anymore but here comes the purple tube (I guess they have a new packaging now). Waterproof, non-greasy and consists of anti-pollution and nourishing benefits, Shu Uemura UV Armor keeps harmful UV rays away to prevent premature aging, severe sunburn and decreases the possibilities of getting skin cancer. 

They say the higher the SPF, the oilier/greasier/stickier it gets but this purple ranger proves them wrong. Plus, I use this every other day, even without a trip to the beach, because even indoor lighting (i.e. fluorescent lights) has UV rays. During days of not using this, I use another moisturizer which I'll blog about anytime soon. 

I really feel so protected and moisturized whenever I apply it on my face. Buy yours at Rustan's for P2,200.

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