Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Baguio Experience

I woke up because I can hardly breathe because of the colds I caught when we arrived in Baguio. I opened my eyes and saw the door half open. Paolo closed the door before he went to sleep. I knew  it and I saw him closing it. I got scared because Baguio is known to be a spooky place. I checked the time, ah, it's 3:50 in the morning so I told myself it's not that creepy anymore. But I saw the towel hanging in the knob slightly swinging. There was no wind. I quickly grabbed my Kleenex, blew my nose and turned my back into the door. I don't wanna see it swinging for no reason. I hugged Pao tight and forced my eyes to close. My senses are strong, there must be a ghost! And there, I heard something. It's like getting a pack of chips in discreet. I opened my eyes, got up and saw a man in a green mask standing in front of me. Must be one of my cousins who arrived this 3am. I said "Huy!" and then he grabbed my two bags and ran away. Next thing I know, Pao was lying on the floor coz he slipped while chasing after that man. He got up easily and shouted, "Bitawan mo yan!" My sister Marriz also woke up and screamed, "Magnanakaw, magnanakaw!". I ran after Pao, followed his direction and called my cousin's name. "Symon, Symon!" I ran toward their room but their door was locked. I slammed my body until he finally opened it. Everyone heard my sister crying. It was 3:57 A.M.

The man disappeared. It was a smooth exit except for the portable TV he stole. He left it beside the door where he got out--in the basement. We are all in shock, but all grateful that nobody was harmed. Very grateful that Pao slipped, he could have been attacked back by the robber. 

My sister lost her money but not her wallet. She also lost her 2 cellphones and her camera. My cousins asked where my iPhone 4 was, I told them it's with me. I placed it beside my pillow because I was anticipating my Ate's phone call. Fortunately. I also put my camera and Pao's cellphone inside the drawer, glad it was safe.

Policemen came, listened to our statements and investigated. There was no trace of his entrance so we believe it's sort of an inside job. I don't want to sound judgmental but we are 100% sure that all doors were locked and double-locked. And why would anyone dare to exit through the basement door when the way leading to the basement seems to be a dead end? 


I lost my 2 bags. One is the brown tote I always use. It's my Parisian's version of Never Full. It's my favorite. The tote contains a Longchamp pouch I borrowed from my Mom, a LeSportsac pouch which I received from Mr. Barreiro, another 2 pouches that contain Bath and Body Works lotion, a bottle of Eclat D'Arpege by Lanvin pefume and all other hygienic stuff. My notebook, pens, rosary, contact lens solution, Hello Kitty nail clipper, Capdase pouch were there too. The man also stole my Gucci bag where my wallet, IDs, cash, contact lens and makeup kit were. It was heartbreaking seeing them stolen away from me right before my eyes.

You may think I'm too materialistic for words. Yes, these are just stuff that can be bought anywhere. But these things are important to me. It's my collection, it's my investment, I worked hard for it. I paid for it, I bought it. It's beyond "sentimental value", I tell you. And being the eyewitness of this crime is another story. I sleep, walk, take a bath, eat with fear. Fear that that heartless person will come back and get something more valuable than what he got.

But I won't dwell with this fear for so long. After all, the 2 most important things were not taken away from me--my camera and my phone. Plus, we're all alive and kicking!

Being a victim of robbery is traumatic, most especially when you caught the suspect red-handed. I still have chills at night. It's close to being murdered. But I'm very thankful that we're not harmed, that we still enjoyed the trip and our entire family is stronger than ever.

I wouldn't trade my family and my loved-ones for ANYTHING in this world. They are my life's greatest treasure. I don't care even if it's Mac or Shu. Even if it's Gucci. I can live without these. I can buy them again.

My family was once a victim of fire tragedy when I was in HS. We started from scratch again after seeing all my parents' investments turning into ash. We survived after a month. I saw how courageous they were and now I'm inspired by them. With these little things stolen away from us, it's nothing compared to what we've gone through before.

Above all, it's God who's with us. He never leaves me and my entire family. He keeps us safe all the time. And with Him I also leave all the heartaches and fear I'm bearing. He will take care of me and He'll take care of the robber as well. With this post I also end the story of the robbery.

Time will heal. I will move on. I will forgive and forget. This is easier. :)

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