Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baguio 2011

It's my second time to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Every trip is unforgettable. First was with Pao alone, second was with my family plus Pao. The first one is special, because it's my first time there. Second is unexplainable because.. well, you know the story.

Some of my zebra stuff: scarf, pillow and mobile phone wallpaper
We dropped by Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine to hear Mass. We also grabbed some breakfast there and left Pangasinan by 8:00 am.

So surprised to see my cousin Aieen wearing an outfit almost the same as mine--gray top, animal-printed scarf, black leggings and light brown suede shoes. And then Reesha showed in a common outfit too! The kids had a great time running around The Mansion but they're really excited to go to the Wright Park to horse back-ride.

My first time to ride a horse in Baguio! I want to have my own horse! 

That's what we call the BAGUIO POSE! That's the position of the robber when I caught him red-handed. We're just making fun out of it.

Wright Park is becoming a favorite. Exciting part is going up through the stairs, makes you feel like losing a pound! Haha!

The Botanical Garden and its giant statues!

Flowers in Burnham Park are so beautiful! I wish there will be cherry blossoms there too!

A trip to Mines View Park will never be complete without pictures taken with these big dogs! A-SO ADORABLE!!!

Our cute little girls wearing a national costume! I like! :)

I should have a photo here too! Just like the kids!

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