Thursday, March 17, 2011

All the photos they tag me..

I don't want to sound harsh because I don't intend to offend anyone's feelings and I have very close friends who sell stuff online. I really admire and patronize their items, designs, even their websites and models but I know there's no need to tag EVERYONE with all the products for sale. Bravo to those who promote their online stores with LINKS because it makes people curious about their products, instead of tagging people that can only cause irritation or distraction.

Moving on.. Here are some of the most recent photos of mine, that give "tagged you in a photo" justice, tagged by real people, not by online stores. :p

I've introduced these people in my blog once when I was still on a high about Guimaras. Weeks after our trip there, our Ilonggo friends tagged me with these photos that bring memories about the beauty of their island and the hospitality of these awesome, newfound friends.

One February weekend, my college friends and I drove all our way up north to celebrate a friend's birthday party in Pozzorubio, Pangasinan! Oha, we left Manila 7:40 AM (despite the 5:00 AM plan) and left Pangasinan 8:30 PM! It was really indeed a long (road) trip but we're all glad to see Ey and her very warm family members plus the yummy, yummy food! We decided not to have an overnight stay there because my family had made plans for the next day.


From north, we traveled down south the following day. An Enchanted Kingdom magical experience charmed us and played its trick on me to ride Anchors Away! I am so proud of myself!!! *:)

If you're thinking I'm a gimikera, then you're wrong! I've never been to the Embassy! Hahaha! College life = night outs = so not me. I've only been to some bars because of BIRTHDAY PARTIES! I'd rather sleep, or at least grab a cup of Starbucks coffee when I'm out at night. If drinking alcohol is a choice, I'd choose the "chillax" type like 77 Cafe, Laiya Bar or Off the Grill. Or Central (Pasong Tamo, BF Homes or Madison Square).

Surprise not, it was my first time at Gerardo's! Hehe. I am a beer drinker. I am a "hard" drinker. I drink all kinds of beer, rhum, tequila, scotch, brandy, so on and so forth. But it was my first time there, who cares?

We went to Gerardo's because our papa-ble friend JC introduced us his girlfriend (WHEW), Mau. It was a planned drinking sesh but we're just quite surprised that out of 15 who said yes, only 7 came. Same, old story. :p

PHOTO BY JC CORDEL. I leally, leally like this! A picture says a thousand words. Behind the tattoo, the cig and the lipstick mark lies.. lies! Chos. If you need an event photographer, send him a message HERE. (JC, may bayad 'to ha!)

And lastly, our Baguio trip gave us a lot of photos to be notified for. My sister's the first one to upload on Facebook so I'm expecting more from my cousins and titas.The first photo of me and Pao together, entitled Ra-Ra Couple, is a good shot. I want to use it as my FB profile picture but since we're on an LQ mode, never mind! HAHAHAHA. #OverSharing

So taggers, beware! Dapat ganito 'yung mga tina-tag nyo. Parang sinabi nyo na mukha akong sapatos kapag sapatos yung naka-tag sa akin. I bet you can all think of a great marketing campaign. Believe me, your sales/income will grow higher if you stop tagging everyone!

Happy selling! And world peace! :)

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