Sunday, March 20, 2011

I ♥ Weddings

My cousin got married last December. It was a first: a lady in our generation tied the knot. It's always my guy cousins who get married first. 

Ate Eunice is so lucky to be Mrs. Fred Cortez. I'm amused with their relationship. I have not often see them together (because they live in the south) except for special family gatherings but whenever I see their pictures together via Facebook, I'm in awe. It's like watching a movie, a love story to be exact.

The very first time I heard their plans of getting married, I got so excited. Honestly. A wedding in our family. The last time we attended one was during Kuya Mags and Ate Lauren's (Roddick and Reesha's parents) church wedding way back in 2003. So imagine my excitement in deciding what dress and shoes to wear... and beyond that excitement, the feeling of "getting older" and "being on the right age" were just around the corner.We might go next in line! Haha! 

These photos made us wait for the next big thing. It caught me. Their wedding is not just an occasion, their wedding is them. Music and art, they say.


The bride...

Yes! That's my cousin, Ate Nice, in her wedding gown. Very classic, very beautiful. Very Marcial.

The wedding day...

Their first kiss as husband and wife. The kiss that sealed the start of their everlasting love.

Our family in a black and white. And the single ladies who vied for the bride's bouquet.

Funny that I caught the bouquet but the bride's sister grabbed it! She's a year older than me so no big deal, she have to get married first before me! I know Dad must have been so proud! Hahaha!

And to show off what I wore:

Dress from Cinderella, shoes from Aldo, purse from MAC. 


Next story: Yesterday, Paolo's cousin got married too. It's their family's first version of a lady tying the knot in their generation.

I am privileged to be one of the few invited. The bride, Ate Ninay, made me cry when she walked down the aisle. She is very emotional and I did not contain seeing her cry. Kuya Marvin, her now husband, was also in tears when he made his vows. So touching!

While uploading pictures from the wedding, I stumbled upon their Facebook profiles and saw their pre-nuptial pictures. I instantly remembered Ate Nice because just like them, these couples made me gush! 

Their theme is so vintage, I love it! The 50's era feel made it more romantic! Very artistic!!!

The bride...

Ate Ninay is very fabulous! It was actually the first time I saw her so girly! Most of the time, I see her in her comfy pair of Chucks so I'm so surprised to see her in her bridal gown.

The newlyweds and the confetti. Congraaaaatuuuuulationsssss! The couple is just so cool, they made us answer hilarious guest information queries! Not to mention their choice of background music. :)

With Paolo, my groom-to-be! Haha. Abang kayo pag turn na namin. :p

What I wore:

Dress borrowed from my cousin, shoes from Aldo, shoulder bag from Zara.

I officially love weddings! Whose wedding should I attend next? 


*Photos from Cinematic Concepts, Jessica Ahorro, Joey Boquiren and Diana Grace Vilchez

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