Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Years of Love

"The greatest gift you can ever give your children is family."

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last Sunday. I am so happy and proud that I am blessed with a loving family and that we're all still together until now. I have friends who have single parents and I have friends who come from broken families so I somehow know what it feels like to be "incomplete". It's also not surprising to hear couples breaking up and/or filing annulment or divorce these days. So I must be really thankful that my parents just reached another chapter in their lives... together. 

After hearing the Mass, Ate Mai and I planned to bring them out for lunch for a little celebration. My parents don't like going out on Sundays because for them, it's the only day in the week that all of us get together at home and they would rather spend it there instead of splurging outside. And yes I already mentioned it, they hate splurging. They hate splurging their hard-earned money for my shoes, for my Ate's food and for Marriz's clothes. Hahaha!

So we convinced them to step out of the house for a little surprise. We had a late lunch at Mango Tree Bistro (my choice). I like Thai food (next to Japanese) and I miss People's Palace in Greenbelt but I cannot obviously bring them there, otherwise, Dad won't drive and won't let us drive the car. So Mango Tree Bistro it is! Plus, I've been eying on it since it opened here in QC so it's my chance to give the restaurant a try!

A candid photo taken by Dad. It's funny to look at! All I can remember is that we're choosing Margaritas and boom, we're LOL-ing!

Mom and Dad. Happy 30 years! ♥

Meet my family! Ate Mai, Marriz/Miming, me, Dad and Mom.

I'm a Daddy's girl. I look up to my Mom. I love my parents more than anyone else!

The dining staff gave them a complimentary chocolate mousse! Look at them, so sweet!

And we ended up eating them!!! Such bratinellas!!!

SPOTTED: Taking notes about the food we ate which I will blog soon.

Tres Marias, Margaritas! Mai, Ming, Marianne.

We really had a great time in Mango Tree Bistro. They have a very friendly and accommodating staff! I have a new favorite restaurant nearby now! Special thanks to the restaurant manager who was cool enough to take our family pictures and for the mousse, of course!

Daddy's girl.

With Mom. I know I will look like her in the future! :P

We did a little shopping after lunch. We strolled around the mall and got hungry after a few hours again. We craved for some frozen yogurt for dessert but Red Mango's kinda crowded that day so we had a "cool" time in The Golden Spoon instead.

Decisions, decisions.

This is candid. And stolen. (Look, Ate Mai stealing a scoop from Ming's!)

Congratulations, Mom and Dad! We really had fun. I love you.

PS: Keep up the good work--loving each other. ♥

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