Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Omakase, Oh I'm Crazy!

The boyfriend and I had our usual movie date last Friday. We planned about this a day before but I felt like he wanted something aside from watching a film. I knew it, he wanted something gooooood to eat. He asked me what I want for dinner so I asked him back, "Can we eat outside the mall. Hmm, somewhere in Morato?" Being my boyfriend of seven years, he knew what I was thinking. "Omakase?", he said.

End of the story.

Omakase's Mix Nigiri, P280

I always order GDR (Golden Blossom-Dynamite Roll-Rising Sun) Sushi Platter whenever I dine in Omakase but I had a change of heart last Friday. I wanted to try something new. So I ordered Mix Nigiri (Salmon, Ebi, Tuna, Uni, Tamagon and Kani). Of course I'm no longer surprised, it was heaven! Oohlalala! And  as of now I'm craving for some! Delicioso!

Omakase Salad, Php 140

Omakase Salad shouldn't be missed as well. It's Omakase's own version of kani salad with a twist. Scrumptious shredded Japanese crabstick, lettuce, cucumber tomato and ebiko--my favorite, with a special mayo dressing. I actually don't like mayonnaise but Omakase dishes served with mayonnaise are such exemptions!

Ebi Tempura, P260

My first time to try their version of tempura. One of the yummiest, I can say! Hindi ka lugi sa breading unlike Tokyo Tokyo's. (Shizz, I swear, I really want to eat as I type this entry! Ahhhhhh!!!)

And one thing constant about Omakase is their house tea. I l♥ve their house tea, hot or iced! Do you know why Japanese/Chinese restaurants serve tea? For more than a thousand years, Japanese and Chinese drink tea after every meal. Japanese even have a culture called "The Way of the Tea" aka Japanese Tea Ceremony, right? It's because tea contains antioxidants which stop the oxidation of bad cholesterol and thus, increasing the amount of good cholesterol and it lowers the risk of stomach cancers. These are just two of the many advantages of tea that I need not to enumerate.

My date and I. ♥

We didn't stay for so long in Omakase. We rushed back to The Block right after our meal to catch the last full show of Fast Five. As usual, Paul Walker is so freaking hot and his blue eyes are truly the windows of his soul! Hahaha, yes, there's like that! :P

Photo: Gian Gancia | Floral long sleeves: Marks & Spencer | Black leggings: Topshop | Oxfords: Aldo | Floral bag: thrifted

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