Monday, May 23, 2011

Doll-y Crave

I grew up playing dolls. My sisters and I had more than 30 dolls, complete with dollhouse, catalogs and/or magazines, computer games and other stuff. I can't describe how the dollhouse looked like (it's older than me, it was given to my sister when she was 6). All I know is that it looked like a pink luggage and when opened, it becomes Barbie's house. We also had (Takara) Jenny in our collection including "Charm Up", Jenny's walk-in closet filled with clothes, accessories and shoes.

Takara Jenny


Jenny and Barbie were my favorite toys. Jenny used to be under Mattel's license just like Barbie so you can never tell the difference except for the fact that Jenny looks more Asian (5'3" in height with round eyes) while Barbie is more Western. But whatever, I love them equally, it's just sad that Jenny no longer exists in the market and unfortunately, they got burned during a fire tragedy which turned our whole house into a damn big ashtray.

I called the dolls Barbie-cue since then.

We may no longer have dolls at home but I always make sure I still have other Barbie merchandises like bags, slippers, pens and even makeups! I check out Toy Kingdom and Barbie stores, and I get Barbie apps for my iPhone too like:

Barbie: Fashionistas and Barbie: Doll'd Up Nails

Barbie: I Can Be and Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Just when every girl dreams to be a  princess, I dreamed to be Jenny or Barbie--not the one made of plastic, FYI. I'm now thinking of resurrecting a Barbie doll collection again, if only I don't need a bigger space in my room because it's really filled with stuff now. I got so inspired with what I saw in the market now:

Barbie I Can Be - Movie Star

Barbie I Can Be - Chef

Barbie I Can Be - Pet Vet

 Barbie I Can Be - Doctor

 Barbie I Can Be - Lifeguard

Barbie I Can Be - Computer Engineer

Barbie I Can Be - Car Racer

 Barbie I Can Be - News Anchor

and last but not the least...

Barbie I Can Be - Ballerina

You already, Barbie! You already! You made ALL my dreams come true--from becoming a movie star to simply becoming a ballerina. OMGAAAAH! I am so proud of you. I hope Jenny still exists now because for sure, she'll be proud of what you've achieved too. Hahaha! And congratulations for getting back with Ken too!


PS: Expect to see more Barbie posts from me in the future. XOXO!

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