Thursday, May 26, 2011

Khara's Christening

First things first. Khara is the first baby of the group and the rest of the girls and I were so excited to see Phoebe and Ruffy's little princess join the Christian world. Though Kim, Jovy, Susie and Chel and I regularly see each other, it somehow felt like a reunion for us because of Phoebe's presence. Cha, Cheenee and Maan weren't able to make it but Paolo, Mon, Michael and Ruffy, Khara's dad, rolled with the good times with us.

And so we drove all the way to Antipolo. It was our first time to go there by ourselves, thank God for my phone's map feature which never fails to show us the way. Unfortunately, all of us were late so we didn't make it to the church. We headed straight to the reception instead, boo us, we were the first ones to arrive at the venue. Oh well, blame it to "Budget Lane".

Say hello to Khara and her gorgeous mom, my bestfriend, Phoebe. She is still sexy, I wonder how she kept her voluptuous body after giving birth! I must say, she's even hotter now. Definitely one hot momma!

The beautiful Ninangs cuddled our cutest inaanak who looked so cute in her pinkish lilac dress and her signature big ribbon. O diba, bata pa lang may signature look na. Obviously, Phoebe makes her little one a doll by putting big ribbons almost everyday and Khara doesn't mind having a headpiece at all unlike other babies!

With the little princess. I told Phoebe she must teach Khara to call me Momsy instead of Ninang! Or Mamang (Mama + Ninang)? Btw, Phoebe said I looked like Khara's mom because of the eyes. Well, well, well! :)

Us. Kim, Rachel, Michael, Phoebe and Khara, Paolo, me, Jovy and Susie. Photo by Mon.

Next level! From classmates to being kumares! I wonder what next chapter's gonna be. ♥

The boys had their own solo shot. Mon, Michael and Paolo. Our drivers boyfriends. Hehe.

Played with Khara. Her cake reminded me of my cake during my 1st birthday, with stars!

Floral prints + animal prints! 


I just love this "3-4-5-6" photo! The sequence is too cute! Haha! I know a lot of girls will get this. It's like, "Tara, picture tayo." and then "Sama ako." followed by "Tawagin mo si ano." until "Uy, girl, sama ka." and finally, "Pa-picture naman kami"! Hahaha!!! Got it? I know you do!

Floral dress: Forever 21 | Necklace with floral ribbon pendant: From Mia | Brown peep-toe boots: Le Donne (not in the picture) | Bag: Longchamp (not in the picture)

Welcome to the Christian world, baby girl! Be a good baby to your mommy! All your pretty ninangs will watch over you! See you again the soonest!


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