Friday, July 15, 2011

My Funny, Happy Lemon Experience

Just a quick post on how I enjoyed my very first Happy Lemon drink!

I've been reading a lot of tweets about this milk tea fad since I don't know when and my forever pretty girlistas' (like Trish, Sel, Ana, Susie, Noelle and Jeanne) tweets are SO convincing that I myself want to try it. I've been very eager to drop by Promenade or Eastwood only to take my first step on its pop tea house and to please my taste buds--which are, by the way rallying since Saturday, with the highly recommended Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese drink.

One happy Wednesday, our hectic schedules allowed us to drop by the Promenade. The anticipated event of my week happened on a weeknight: totally unplanned. I loved it!

So it's you, Happy Lemon, nice meeting you! Situated right in the middle of Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Happy Lemon is a sure attention grabber because of its bright colors and its cutie logo which reminds me of Susie and Geno of Sustagen and The Little Twin Stars! And the place looks so inviting because of the happy, positive vibe of people who are there. I like it that everyone and everything, not only the name, is happy!

And because of my excitement, I jumped off the car and hit my head! That was so ouch, it just made my headache worse. But as I've told earlier, the place is happy so I didn't mind.

Based on the Twitter replies I received from my lovely friends, my first ever Happy Lemon choice is.. *drumroll* COCOA WITH ROCK SALT AND CHEESE!

I was convincing Paolo to order Lemon Yakult for himself, for he knows how much I love Yakult, so he chose ANOTHER drink. Kfine. He ordered COCOA WITH PUDDING. Maka-Cocoa lang din. Gaya-gaya.

Ja-raaaan! Here's a Twitpic of my Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese (sorry I can't rotate the photo and I don't know why). Now let's proceed to my funny story: When we got our drinks, mine didn't have a cover. Okay, no problem. Paolo got straws and there, I savored my very first sip. Oooh! Too sweet. I asked Pao to taste my drink (so he would give his to mine, hehe) and found it sweet as well. Hmm, what's with it and why do people rave about it when in fact it's so sweet? Until a pretty teenager approached me kindly and said, "You don't have to use a straw to drink it," and smiled. So I was like, "Really?" in awe. She demonstrated how to drink it and explained why my drink didn't come with a top cover. She added, "All the drinks under the Rock Salt and Cheese selection are left uncovered." Pahiya kami konti but we admitted that it was our first time there. That's when I FINALLY appreciated it! Oh my goodness, it's so yummy! The cocoa-cheese flavor is to die for. I like! Sweet and salty flavors in one! Nom nom nom!

We stayed inside for only a few minutes because Paolo wanted to smoke. He wanted to take more pictures outside so I could keep a souvenir for my first ever Happy Lemon experience. The boyf enjoyed his Cocoa with Pudding as well and he promised that he'll bring me back there. :)

I love you now, Happy Lemon! No doubt I read a lot of good comments about you. And now I'm one of those who spread the good words. Word of mouth is indeed powerful.


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