Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baguio, I'm Back!

I'm back to the place that scared me the most! Oh well, Baguio City will always be Baguio City!

This time, we stayed at the  Baguio Country Club. Luckily, it was my first birthday leave ever so leaving for the City of Pines on a Friday afternoon isn't a bad idea at all. At first, I hesitated to join them but since Paolo insisted, I said yes ON the day itself. That's how impulsive I am especially when it comes to traveling. :)

The Baguio Country Club

Ohhh myyyy I love this place--very relaxing, quiet and very Pinoy. The wooden floors, the furniture, everything, spell comfort. And what I really love about this place is its cafe.

Welcome to the Raisin Bread cafe!

The Raisin Bread cafe sells delish cakes, breads and pastries. From its simple strawberry shortcake to raisin bread, chocolate chip cookies and pralines, I'm 100% sure that you will never leave the country club without eating here. It's a little piece of heaven in Baguio if you're a sweet tooth like me.

With Paolo.

The boyfriend and I strolled around the place and we found a mini butterfly haven, a small garden for a flock of hens (and a peacock), a swimming pool and a lot more. I really like the exclusivity of the place, you can have peaceful talks while walking and stuff. Really cool!

 All black.

Black lace top from Landmark Department Store | Black jeans from Topshop | Black patent t-strap shoes from The Shoe Gallery

Tea ceremony.

I also loved the fact that I was able to spend my entire afternoon in the veranda while sipping a hot cup of coffee and tea with mouthwatering desserts like cheesecake and molten chocolate cake. I forgot about diet!

With my soon-to-be sister-in-law.

Paolo's only sister, Patrish, and I have a lot of things in common. Top three are: 1.) We love makeups; 2.) We love to take pictures; 3.) We love animal prints. And these three are clearly shown in the photos above. I also lent her my pair of Aldo oxfords. If you take a closer look, you'll notice her white socks. Haha! That's because my shoe size is bigger than hers and the country club does not allow rubber slippers (regardless of the brand) so Patrish had no choice but to wear my shoes.

I really, really, really love this candid photo of ours! It reminds me of an Ayala ad with the background song "I love you more today than yesterday..." playing. Thanks to Janbie who patiently took our photos. 

And before I forgot, let me show you the Longchamp-inspired bag I thrifted a couple of weeks ago! Yes, you may find it odd but believe me, I got this bag at an ukay-ukay (vintage/thrift shop) for only a hundred pesos! Unbelievable? Believe it. :) And yes, it's in good condition and is made of good materials! Very Longchamp-ish!

This bag is mine.

Black + animal prints = class. Photo + black/white = classic.

On our way back to Manila, the in-laws(!!!) decided to have a dinner at Matutina's. I was so damn happy because Matutina's is one of my favorite local seafood restaurants and the last time I ate there was 4 years ago. So imagine me jumping like a frog because of excitement.

My seatmate, as usual, is Patricia.

We miss you, Deedee!

Julianna (in orange) and Paula (in black/pink) never leave my side whenever they see me. They call me "Mommy Marianne" and kiss and hug me all the time. I love taking care of them! I really feel like a young mom.

Paula sat beside me since her mom was not able to join us in our trip (while Julianna joined his real mom, Ate May). Notice how much she looks like his Tito Paolo! Her name is derived from him because of her chinky eyes, ergo the name Paula. Hehe.

Well if you're not convinced, here are our faux family portrait.

It was a short out-of-town trip but this has got to be very unforgettable. I became an action star, a drama princess and a thriller queen on our way back. Pangasinan and Tarlac are my witnesses!

Til the next Baguio adventure,

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