Friday, July 08, 2011


It's Friday and I'm on my 70th blog post. I can't let the week end without writing something but... oh my, I can't squeeze my creative juice as of this moment. I want to post my Baguio weekend getaway but I don't have the complete photos yet so let's scratch that. What should I blog about?

But since it's raining, let me show you what I wore a couple of weeks ago when typhoon Falcon hit the country:

 All covered up! My little booties soared higher! Double purpose.

I was waiting for Pao to finish his work at his Mom's office. We were doing some sorts of errands there for my birthday party so we took some pics first to kill time. Forgive the grainy resolution! Btw, sorry for that awkward smile. I hate myself when I smile like that. Meh!

Brown tank top from Topshop | Checkered scarf from Aldo | Knit jeans from Herbench | Brown suede shoes from Janylyn

 Finally! My smiling face, that's it! I chose these iPhone photos over the few ones taken using my boyfriend's DSLR. All not good, except for this one:

CLOSE UP! I'm loving my facial skin now, it's glowing! You know my secret (HIHI)? It's Pond's White Beauty Naturals with Camellia Leaf Extract Day Cream. I'm giving it an A+! I am an avid Pond's user, so I'm not scared of trying all their (new) products for I know my skin won't be harmed. It's my greatest alternative to Shu Uemura most especially when I'm financially handicapped.

Pond's got the best endorser for its new product--Angelica Panganiban! She fits the role, and this one's perfect for her Pantene Nature Care shampoo TVC. Mother nature ang peg!

And while we're at TVCs, I want to share you guys one of the best commercials in local TV! The agency behind Sky Broadband's TVC deserves a highhhhhh five!!!




From boots to Pond's to TV commercial, let me say thank you! Thank you for reading my 70 kikay blog posts! Thanks for the support, the praises and the time you spend reading it! Much appreciated! Expect much more exciting entries from Superloved. :)

PS: LXX is 70 in Roman numerals, hence the title. :)

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