Wednesday, July 06, 2011

All Grown-Up

I'm all grown-up now. I earn my own money, I pay tax, I pay bills and buy my own things. I'm all grown-up now because I can go anywhere, stay outdoors until the next day and I'm all grown-up now because I know the value of hard-earned money and the importance of free time. 

And most of all, I'm all grown-up now because I have half-nude photos taken.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, half-nude photos. But don't take it seriously or don't think that I'm a sex bomb or a bold star or something. I just wanted to achieve this kind of peg without maliciousness playing at the back of your mind. It's nothing but a pure desire of doing or getting something you want. :)

And no need to guess who's the right person to take the photos for me. My boyfriend did it. I told him if it's alright for him to take shots of me "almost" topless, in bed, without makeup. He didn't hesitate to say yes, because he knows what I want.

This one was also on the top of my list of "10 Things To Do Before I Turn 23". I'm so glad we did it exactly a day before I turned a year older and I'm also happy to share that I fulfilled the other 9! Yes to life!

Over all we had 13 photos taken and these three are my top favorites. I also watermarked the boyfriend's name for reasons that you already know, and edited them in black and white for a more classic look (plus I wanted to keep the original ones only for us two).

I really find the outputs cool and still wholesome! I felt like a model in a bath soap TV commercial or an endorser of an anti-bacne (back acne) cream. Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera and Kim Chiu did it in Palmolive, MaxiPeel and Olay ads respectively, I did it for myself. Leveling? No, confidence and determination. And besides, anyone can do this! Not a big deal!


  1. OMG! You already! Can't imagine I can do this myself. Buti Paolo agreed. My paolo will be furious if Id do this! Haha! APIR!

  2. Haha thanks Rovs! :P Your Paolo should agree! You will expose nothing but your back naman ah!