Monday, July 04, 2011

Be Happy!

My birth month passed by so fast and I have more than a couple of overdue posts. I need to start posting them because if not, my recent Baguio trip might be blogged on August. I planned to blog over the weekend but since I was dragged to go to the Baguio Country Club last Friday, I missed the chance.

Now let me share you one celebration we had before the night I turned 23. Rhys Nathaniel, my HS friend Roan's first son, turned 1 last June 25 and aside from his birthday, we celebrated the baby boy's Christening and Dedication. I was not able to attend the baptism rites because Paolo and I got struck in traffic due to typhoon Falcon's aftermath. We arrived at the Edsa Shrine a few minutes before they left for Jollibee-Pioneer (where the birthday party was held). I got off the car wearing only Havainas, took two photos with Baby Nate and immediately went to Jollibee.  

The only pictures I had at the Church! Meet Nate and her sexy Momma Roan.

Floral dress (used as skirt) from Landmark Department Store | Black knitted top from Banana Republic | Shoes from Aldo
 Here's the only decent shot of my entire outfit.

With Ninong (or Ninang) Toto, Nate, Roan. The baby is such a cutie patootie!

L-R: Jessica, Aiza, me, Roan and Nate, Irene, Une and Toto.

The rest went straight to the party since they did not need to attend the dedication that's why they're all so lucky to wear short shorts. Still I'm happy to get that "Church-appropriate" look. But goofing around with Jollibee in a dress and high heels was funny. I looked like a young mother missing her childhood:

 Jessica and Toto are pro-Ronald McDonald.

I grew up attending parties at fast food chains so I'm not scared with mascots...

...I even dance with them!

We took more photos outside the venue. Paolo is slowly becoming a good photographer and taking photos of me every single day is a hobby. I always tell him that practice makes perfect!

But most of the time, whenever I pose fiercely, he reacts differently! Nahihiya tuloy ako bigla so he always snaps my usual face with my regular smile like this one. :P

Shyness at its best! Plus, no full body shot! Just when I learned how to cross my legs while posing...

After the party, Paolo and I dropped off my friends somewhere in Edsa Ortigas and went to Discovery Suites to prepare for my birthday bash. Until now, I can't get over it so forgive me for mentioning it most of the time.


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