Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Night I Turned 23

Zoo party, safari party, animal prints party, birthday party!

I turned 23 last Sunday and welcomed it with a bang! Paolo helped me with everything. My kind of party happened exactly as I wanted it to be. Guests in animal prints attire, cupcakes with leopard design, booze, laughter, memories in Discovery Suites.

23 homemade cupcakes by Paolo and me. Remember my tweets last week about shopping at Gourdo's and grocery stores for the cupcake I wanted to have? I had it. Pao taught me how to apply the frosting too! Such a lovely thing to do!!! I'm really convinced to take up pastries lessons now!

Here's a closeup of my delightful birthday cupcake!

The Monthly Period also brought this Hello Kitty cake from Breadtalk for me. I'm not sure if it's brazo de mercedes because I haven't tasted it yet. I don't eat brazo de mercedes and even if I do, I'd find it hard to eat coz it'll tear my heart to slice Hello Kitty!

I love Discovery Suites! When they heard that I'll be celebrating my birthday there, they surprised me with each slices of cheesecake and chocolate cake! The sweets also came with a touching note from the entire Discovery Suites family. Thank you so much, Discovery Suites!

The table napkins, courtesy of my Mom, also complemented the party theme!

Right before the other guests arrive, my HS friends gave me this killer heels!

So here's what I wore! A tube bodycon dress from my sister Ate Mai, metallic crop top from Topshop and the killer heels from the Monthly Period. I also wore my Aldo pumps!

The early bird catches the burger worm. My Monthly Period friends who stayed until 6 in the mownin'! L-R: Ahyin, Jessica, Aiza, Une, Mia and Toto.

Girlfriends sans Anne, Cha, Miles, Cheenee and Susie! And there goes Mon, hiding with the help of a Wilton cupcake cup.

My lovely sisters Ate Mai and Miming who bought new clothes to fit in. Thank you and I love you!

Paolo's bestfriend Allan with his girlfriend/my GF, Mutya!

Tropang Logbi represent! JC and girlfriend/fellow FEU Tourism grad, Mau!

My sister's boyf, James aka Bimby!

Fun times with my boyfriend who prepared almost everything! By the way, I'm giving the fedora he was wearing a hype, it looked good on him!

This one will probably make it if ever Pods will have a "make your own billboard" promo like Choco Mucho.

My boyfriend always makes fun of me whenever he catches me tweeting.

 His forever favorite pose! #waley

A birthday kiss from him. Halatang kilig lang ako!

Sorry I just have to post these!

 My guests having a good time!

Topview! Spot me pushing Toto. I'm convincing him to smell my gas! Hahaha

Jovy always turns red every after her alcohol intake! I thank my body I'm not allergic to any food/drink! :P

Whatever happened to me in this one is totally unexplainable. I can't even remember why I acted that way! Animal prints = Animal gesture, maybe?

The girls are the first one to leave! Thank you lovely ladies! Thank you for the gifts as well! I ♥ RK, you know!

I made sure to snap a shot of everyone in costume! I love you all!

THE KISS THAT MADE US ALL SCREAM! Whoah! Only Rachel and Toto can do that on the spot!

Juicy!!! We can't stop laughing after they kissed! These two stole the limelight away from me for a few seconds!

I can't recall what time the party "actually" ended! Jessica just woke me up at around 5:30 AM while I was lying on the floor beside Paolo and Janbie. They woke me up to say goodbye.

A room full of clutter! 

A tad unconscious because I just got up from bed floor, I woke up Pao and asked him to take pictures of me. Hahaha I was so cruel to distract him but heck, it was my birthday! Bad! :D

The peg: Party like a rock star. I really felt like throwing up that moment but waking up with birthday greetings made me feel good. :)

Again and again and again, thank you! I'm still overwhelmed and unmoved from all the happenings during my party! The presence of everyone who came made it one of the best, next to my 18th birthday, and will forever cherish this for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing a night with me to celebrate my birthday party. ♥

And before I finally end this blog post, I'm leaving you this party-worthy GIF images:



  1. I love your party's theme Ga! Based on the pictures, you really had a great time! Favorite ko yung sa inyo ni Pao. And the gifs! HAHA!

    Lucky girl indeed!

  2. Thanks, Ga! ♥ I really did, Pao is the punong abala! :) Haha I got more gifts, I wish I could blog them but idk how to take pics of them.

    Next time, celebration naman with Teentalk! :)

  3. Hi! If you don't mind me asking, did DS charge you for the extra number of persons in the room? How did you manage to sneak them in? :)